how soul contracts work

if I’ve seen this once, I’ve seen it a million times.

unused potential. because, ego.

it works like this. our souls have infinite possibilities, within the realm of reason CONNECTED DIRECTLY to the relevance of our mind, circumstances, and free will. within those infinite possibilities are contracts big and small. when we duck and dodge a contract (this is ALWAYS ego), we come up empty-handed. it is in the empty-handedness that we learn, mourn (and only SOMETIMES grow) ever-so-painfully; God only gives us so many chances — for if you aren’t there to fulfill yours, why wouldn’t he just loop that potential through another whole human body? there are reasons and nuances to this and each person has their own lesson to learn.

potential is energy. it’s an intangible gift. paired with this potential are hard lessons. what makes us flow or NOT FLOW beyond a lesson is ego. breaking or having our ego broken is a necessary, painful and initiatory process — and it’s why so many avoid it. the problem is, that when you have the gift of potential for your soul contract and you avoid it because of fear/arrogance etc, you do not get that same potential again. this is very different from “being human” or “making a mistake”. let me explain.

once again, gifts are given because they are rare and special. being rare or special comes at a cost, and the entry as my friend Ed Latimore likes to say is “embarrassment”. he says “embarrassment is the cost of entry”. in short, those of us who are not willing to be emotionally vulnerable, feel pain, reconcile who and what we are, face ourselves, reveal ourselves and see ourselves via the reflection in the world around us will never ENTER. it just doesn’t happen. I wish that I could tell you otherwise, but I’ve seen and lived a LOT. mistakes are not potential. potential is a soul contract…

through my work, it worked like this. I have a certain energy. it’s why I did/do my work. since I have DONE THE PERSONAL EGO WORK, I have been and am able to share my energy for a limited amount of time with another soul who has AGREED TO STEP INTO THEIR CONTRACT in this life. this is why I vet. this is why I am 1:1 not internet. this is why I hear voicemails and don’t take emails to book. I can feel the potential. usually it’s when someone is breaking or about to break in life. it might be an illness. a breakup. a huge loss of some sort. and God is asking them to get closer with themselves…THIS IS THEIR POTENTIAL. their God contract. those who avoid it become walking zombies. reliant upon addictions, other people’s energy (same thing), and old patterns that pull them into the depths of despair. this is their essential payback from God for not fulfilling his gifts — all because they DON’T WANT TO FEEL. so, what does this even mean?

ego/the mind/the heart are the separation between two worlds — and nothing can out-intellectualize this notion. actual human processes, that evolve the heart/mind/soul at once time can not EVER be bypassed. Kanye wrote an entire album about his vulnerability and mental illness. Trump has sought out advisors to put him in pure alignment with himSELF (love him or hate him, I don’t care — he is in alignment with himself). the success of those two individuals is only possible because THEY USED THEIR GIFTS. they didn’t shy away from them. so when I have met people via my work or anywhere in life, I see what they do — and they will only do one of two things: 1) go inward 2) go outward. inward is the hard part. it’s the part we don’t want to feel or look at. outward is the “easy” (but actually super hard) part. it’s the part that lets OTHER PEOPLE (usually people who are toxic and bad for us) make decisions for us. it lets us turn away from our feelings and numb out. so, seeing the impasse that people were at gave me a pretty good idea of what they would/would not do. that said, I was never and can never be God. so I would just give it my best. the rest was always up to them…(as you will hear, repeatedly, in all of my video testimonials).

the people I worked with who had the best outcomes faced themselves. they jumped. they said F U to their old ways, their egos and their arrogances. and God replied. they honored their soul contract. and relative to that contract was the death of their ego.

our current world is a joke. young people believe that they can watch an episode of the Kardashians and become one lol. that millions of dollars show up “because they deserve it”. let me be clear: no one cares if you’re talented. talent will not get you anywhere. confronting yourself, and how you show up in the world and with others however, will. and you can’t fake it. YOU CAN NOT FAKE IT.

I once had a patient who thought they were a reality tv star — they mimicked the looks, mimicked the voice, walked around entitled because they were “smart”, went through the motions in life with “therapy” etc just like a convenient Christian goes to church (spitting the bible but NEVER living it). they rode my energy for a TIME. because I lent it. this was in my earlier days of giving people FAR too much credit. the days (and it still happens) when people confused MY energy with THEIRS. I filled something in this person, but it was not my intention. and, I was fooled. they talked a good game. and the minute that they were tested by God on their ego, they RAN. I watched, before my very eyes, as someone who knew me for AGES and our hundreds of hours of conversations simply ran — from themselves. and boy did that ego inflame. until…the lights went out. I could see it in their photographs. deadness. and guess what comes next?

life gets harder as we get older. A LOT HARDER. I realized this early. I ran for my life from my early environment because 1) I am not codependent 2) I wanted to earn my success 3) I was terrified of losing time. this doesn’t mean that my decision should apply to anyone else, that’s not what I am saying. but this was MY honor code, to begin confronting myself. I found myself in situations that others couldn’t relate to BECAUSE THEY NEVER TOOK RISKS. listen to people who never take risks try to tell you about life. what a convenient position to be in. and what they also fail to know, is that each year that passes, we can either grow or die. my focus was, and always has been, growing. no matter WHAT. no matter what. when we risk growth there is no such thing as a mistake. my former patient refused to risk the one thing that we are ALL required to do when potential is in front of us: ego.

I could blame modern day culture on this, but I’m not going to. a soul has had a relevance of challenges for EONS in front of it. our current one is just ADD distraction and online addiction. it’s a way to ESCAPE — but not. like my former patient who thought they could escape and literally be another person via a TV show, and probably VIA ME and our work together, they find out the hard way after bypassing God’s tests (which are the only things that can bring them into alignment with their soul contracts) that there is no escape. the choices are heaven or hell. incarnate.

I’ve never settled in my life, and the reason is exactly because MOST PEOPLE DO. I am not most people. I don’t wanna be most people. I’ve experienced things that most will never imagine. experience comes from risk, not knowledge. knowledge is not experience. and that is a whole other issue. people confuse knowledge with actual experience. and actual experience feels like a death of self, whereas knowledge feels like arrogance. and at some point, it rots the soul. and it ages the person.

I look young not because I have botox (AND GUESS WHAT — I HAVE NEVER HAD BOTOX!) — it’s because of my willingness to die and rebirth OVER AND OVER AND OVER. I take risks most wouldn’t conceive of. I won’t stop. I know what it feels like to die. to have my ego shattered. to be alone. to lose everything. to honor myself no matter what. the grace of honoring my soul’s contract is life force. it’s why I can help people and it’s how I can revive myself when I am on 1%.

the only way out is through. I think of once close friends I had at all different years of my life — 15, 17, 19, 22, ETC…and I saw them stop and stall while I moved forward. at the time, I didn’t know what that was. I didn’t know what made me different. until I knew. they didn’t take risks. they wouldn’t become vulnerable. they wouldn’t allow their egos to be shattered by feeling, risking, and learning. and it always astounded me. arrogance shrouded them. God doesn’t leave windows of opportunity open for us when we dodge potential because of ego. I wish I could say that this is “just my perspective” but try telling that to my decades of work and life experience. I know what I’ve seen and it’s sad.

it’s scary as hell to step into our purpose in life, and the thing is that we need to leap at the right moments. I do this and don’t consult anyone on it to buffer my fall. I listen to myself — listening to myself might be the scariest thing, when there are others who would rather keep me where I am.

bitter older people are such because they are afraid. they can cover this up with money, fake attention, and loveless marriages that look good on the surface. but one can always spot those who have avoided their life contracts. and it doesn’t matter where they are in life — the neighborhood garbage man may in fact be PERFECTLY ON POINT…for all purposes are different and they are certainly equal in the soul realm. on earth realm, though, we don’t get what we want just because we want it. we earn it. by seeing ourselves.

when a soul bypasses its God-given gift or potential (and to be honest it’s usually the SECOND TIME an opportunity — person, place or thing presents), the third energy which is called a braided soul will actually WALK OUT of their body. they may not be aware of this though, and this is when the person will plummet into earthly demonic fake pleasures (addiction, old patterns). I can see this in real-time. I can see it in photos, I can sense it over the phone, and I can usually (but not always) sense via my work when someone will CLAIM that third energy…not run away from it. I’ve never run away from that third energy, and I am not sure if it’s my natural own or a byproduct of all of the opportunities for growth (hard ones) that have come my way that I chose to grow from; in any event, incarnating like this and/or seizing opportunity to choose my God self has only created more for me in my escrow…and led me closer and closer to my destiny. this is my soul contract.

soul contracts with others are everything I am writing about; some are stronger than others. it’s the ability to rise or fall. move through, or bypass. we know when we are moving through it or bypassing it. we can’t lie to ourselves. we can lie to others, but not to ourselves. when we try hard to lie to ourselves, it hurts the most. this is really tricky. but we know when we are doing it. an example of a soul contract with another being could be a family member, romantic partner, client, boss, or even the local librarian. it’s anything and anyone who we are contracted with to expand (versus contract).

I spoke of a soul contract that I had a long time ago with someone who changed my life. I chose to rise, and they chose to fall. like my client who bypassed potential that was held in front of them as a gift, this person chose to fall. because it was just easier. the funny thing is, that I wrote an email to them about their future. fast forward many years, and I was 100% accurate. in fact, a mutual called my email “Pulitzer Award Winning Shit”. it was. I predicted the future. only because I saw which way this human chose to direct its soul. it was outward, not inward. it lacked compassion or understanding — for their own self, but mostly for others. arrogance was their hallmark…and life leveled them. I am still in touch with this person. their lights went out years ago. I don’t recognize them. they gave up all of their potential. they are bitter. they look older than they are. this is just what happens.

pride, ego and arrogance are the quickest ways out of fulfilling a soul contract. we are only incarnate for a few minutes but we are here with purpose. otherwise, why?

soul braids are real. God energy, or energy held within another person who has done the real work and embodied God differently than most. when you see others succeeding and you wonder how, consider what makes a soul contract such. imagining it into existence doesn’t…exist. we are here to confront ourselves. stay or go, it’s totally up to you. and when the lights go out, they don’t come back on. God doesn’t care that you’re “special”; to God, you are a soul here for a purpose. fulfill that, or don’t. you don’t run God’s timeline and neither do I…we don’t get to control that.

the next time you see someone who has “what you want”, consider what they have gone through and honored to claim it. also be sure that what you see on the surface matches what is beneath that surface. you can spot it with light, you can spot it with life force, and you can spot it with a strength that comes from within not from without. for when we truly pair our inner and outer worlds, we are in contract with ourselves and the world. this is the only way that we ever fulfill our soul contract. it’s how it works.