“mothers” who make their sons, son-husbands. a theft of the soul & future

it’s easy for people to man-hate. but have you ever thought about why? it’s because there is, indeed, another form of evil and sadism out there…women who abuse men — their sons.

this topic is particularly sensitive to me because of the number of men I have worked with who have had this happen [some, still, refuse to acknowledge it — due to the pain, frequent amnesia (required during an unforgivable exchange or dynamic), and due to the fact that like ANY of us who have gone through evil, we simply don’t know life without it], and because of my own personal experience with this dynamic many years back.

mother means giver, not taker. however some women are just…desperate people. giving birth DOES NOT MAKE YOU A MOTHER. son-husbands are an insidious byproduct of manipulative, lonely, controlling and evil individuals. for any of us, seeing our own parent as evil isn’t even an option — our brains just can’t compute it. just like we can’t/couldn’t compute seeing Rona as a TOTAL SET UP. or anything else along those lines. confronting human evil is just too much for most of us to take — let alone a man, young or old, who has had his entire life robbed by his “loving” “mother”.

I’ve worked with some of these “mothers” too, by the way. they have a very specific way about them. typically unresolved sexual issues, the complete inability to fill themselves up at all in life, hidden addictions, and a control that is so strong it goes undetected because it is passed off as VICTIM. this is a sickening, evil person, and they do hide in plain sight.

when I was young, there was a great kid who was in love with me for many years. I was always hesitant to date him. at the time, I had NO idea about the things I am writing about here — at least not consciously. I would spend time at his house and his mother would obsess over me…wanting me to stay there, making odd comments about her son in front of me, and flaunting herself in our presence constantly as if they were “best friends”. she had a shitty relationship with his father, drove a wedge between them, and became her son’s therapist. her son’s EVERYTHING. at the time, I didn’t realize that my hesitation over dating him came from my unconscious knowing that I would be stepping into a MESS when I did. one night, as we were hugging just as friends (we were very close), he whispered loudly to me “please…please give us a chance”. after that night, I did. and shit hit the fan in my life — immediately after, and then again soon after. I was at home the next night and I had my VERY FIRST panic attack. I felt evil SURROUND my living room, as if I was being watched. I called him, in a panic, and he picked me up. I started staying over at his place — his mom’s place. she seemed oddly excited by this. a few months later I kept going with my life and he stayed — living with her. as the psyche will do, it decided to split things in “black” or “white”. she had entered (INVADED) his mind (and possibly other parts of him) to such a degree that he was an elephant tied to a tree. paralyzed. she tricked him into thinking that he couldn’t do anything without her…and he believed it. he broke. one night while I was away she called me and blamed me. I believed it was my fault. the truth was, by meeting me, he was FORCED to confront something that only someone like me could bring to surface: his unconscious. and when he saw what was there, he lost it. any of you who have been truly abused know what this is.

I was devastated for over a year. maybe for years. maybe even partially now. I saw what she had done, but it was only after working with a couple thousand people (and other men in this dynamic) that I saw the true damage. the carnage. I saw men who NEVER LEFT THESE WITCHES — and they had all kinds of excuses. I became friends with men in this dynamic who were SO close to making that breakthrough in therapy (not with me), only to be pulled back in and manipulated by their own devil’s spawn “mother”. in their 20s. their 30s. their 40s. their 50s. some still live with these women as they die. there are many that this is done to, and in ALL dynamics — not just divorced households. one thing that each of the women had in common was religion/spirituality. basically: THE OCCULT, in sheep’s clothing. another thing that they had in common was a sick obsession with marrying (via psychological interference and other interference) their son — though they would NEVER say it. this obsession led them to be CERTAIN that their son never had a girlfriend. let alone a wife. or … ANYTHING. and if they did, it was never a real girlfriend or wife. just a title, rather. with little action or showing up. for the only true woman they had been trained to “show up” for was “mom”.

some men, in their 50s, still lived alone. thinking that they had “done the work” by forgiving their simply “controlling” mothers. ha. not even close. they could not BEAR to see, even in light of tangible particulars, that they had been robbed. stolen from. molested — whether psychologically, physically, or otherwise: IT’S ACTUALLY ALL THE SAME THING.

women can be just as empty (if not more) as men. it’s WHY many of them have children in the first place. it’s a battery for them. a puppet. a distraction. a controlled being. a soul to invade and exchange with. a human to OWN. and they can make it look so innocent.

I’ve been out in public and seen this dynamic, and IT MAKES ME SICK. I used to frequent this cafe on the upper west side, and a well-groomed 8 year old boy and his “mother” would come in. they would sit down for lunch or dinner like adults. he was NOT a child. she was unmarried. they were on a DATE. one day, he looked at me as I waited for the restroom, and the look on her face was RAGE. pure rage. I vomited. I know this energy. I lived this energy. I’ve heard unGodly stories from people who remember things they never imagined could exist on planet earth. it’s pure, clear, evil. and it shape-shifts in all forms.

working with various men in my practice was perhaps the most heartbreaking as I realized what happened to my ex boyfriend all of those years ago after he pursued me for about a decade…only to crumble as his mother DESTROYED IT. she set him up, just to destroy him with me. there was no conflict. ever. EXCEPT…for the unconscious one he went through as his psyche processed who she was and who I was — and that we were NOT the same person. one of us was evil. the other was the opposite. seeing what had been there all along (even when I had no clue what was happening at the time) was too much for his mind to take. he fell apart and he didn’t know why. I couldn’t fix it. she had him committed. so that he could remain with her. he spoke of moving in with me and she made sure that never happened. because he belonged to her. he still belongs to her. no matter what he does.

“mothers” have a power like none other on this planet — to nurture, or to steal. I’m sick of the glorification of women and the devaluation of men. women are people — equally as capable of evil, if not more given their dynamic in their children’s lives. they can go years with no other relationships aside from their children in particular if they are all men. what else do they need when they have invaded the MIND of their son-husband(s)? for the mind is the route to our entire developing being…sexual and otherwise. “mothers” who make their sons son-husbands rob their sexuality (whether they physically molest or not! — because they sure are doing it psychically), their psychological dependence, and ANYTHING good (career or romance-wise) that might “take away” their own narcissistic (and often personality-disordered) supply. it’s sick. and it’s clear as day when you know how to spot this.

sexual abusers come in all forms, and we all know that the first step of grooming is via the mind. YES, it is more than possible for a woman to be attracted to her son — particularly when she has bad/dysfunctional relationships with men in her life, AND no sex/dating life. it’s a sickness. it’s around us. and the entire goal of this “mother” is to make certain that that soul belongs to her. on every level.

most people (men) in this position never recover from such a dynamic. some do. when they do, they break down. their whole life breaks in order for them to realize it. I’ve worked with people who, after meeting me, literally broke in half because simply sitting with a woman who GIVES reflected a terrifying unconscious experience / memory or lifetime with someone who does the opposite. light always exposes the opposite…it doesn’t even need to say anything. and when and as it does, what is NOT light will insert and involve itself to gaslight its favorite victim: the son-husband.

there is hope, but only with the strongest of mind, soul, will, and God. a mind will still fracture, but it doesn’t always have to break. true courage breaks the spell, but many of us are weak. we stay with what we know. this is simply the job of the mind. those of us with enough God energy (this does not make us better or worse by the way) DO break free, though. I have seen this happen. I know some of these people. I’ve done it myself within other dynamics. it is possible. but it’s an unbelievably intense and, well, unbelievable experience.

“mothers” who make their sons, son-husbands. a theft of the soul & future. this is a real epidemic. it has broken my heart time and time again as I’ve seen, and experienced the phenomenon. it’s beyond “emotional incest”. we need to talk about this more.