what alignment is, and how to get into it

alignment = thoughts=words=feelings=actions. we are out of alignment when any of those four elements are not congruent to the next. this is hard! but it’s fun to focus on, because the closer we get to alignment, the better our life gets.

we avoid alignment simply because we fundamentally lie to ourselves. we all do this! it doesn’t make us bad. and yet when we know we are doing it and don’t fix it, it can create bad things because our willful awareness has contradicted God’s gift to us: awareness.

sadly, too many people consider the risk associated with being in alignment and they opt out. I’ve worked with some really amazing, successful (financially speaking! and with huge power roles on the map in life) people who KNOW that one of the four elements of alignment is TOTALLY off and they won’t take the risk to align…because they would be trading off something (material only!). material may be: a sham marriage, money, status, or a “convenient” or “comfortable” living situation (again – these things are all surface, and not next to God).

we make excuses about our lack of ability to align such as “we are doing X for others!” and “if I do X, then person Y will suffer! I can’t do X! see, I’m being a good person!”. it’s all virtue signaling…just to avoid the truth of inner conflict and pain…and this is where we numb out in every way possible.

as human beings, most of us still have not figured out the fact that the material world is fake. yes, we need to live in it, but it will never sustain where we are HEADED…for we are truly headed into another TIME right now. all that has been happening around us is to reveal what is REAL. only the intangible is real; and yet, we need to act IN the tangible to make both realms flow!

each day I try to sit down and ask myself about my thoughts. are they negative or positive? WHO is even speaking them? because it may not be me. maybe I saw or spoke with too many people that week and they are possessing through me. maybe I opened my energy too much and didn’t close it down before moving onto my next task — and I’ve absorbed another mindset that feels foreign to my core yet I am still expressing it. I ask what my feelings are: this is simply the heart center. it’s the center that makes us TICK. it excites us. it feels right. even if we are scared to admit it. it could be a career passion we won’t say aloud, it could be a romance or romantic prospect, and it could be an intuition about a situation that we want to avoid because the truth would be too painful to realize (like, my husband is cheating on me for 20 years but I’m going to blind myself because I like money). I ask myself about the words I am speaking — do they match my thoughts and feelings? if so, how and why? what parts of my words are coming from another space, versus the one inside of me? I look at my actions — not to bring astrology into this (but I will – and I’m still on the fence about exactly how much stock I put into it! and, I’m just trying to give an example here), but I am more so a true Aquarius than a Capricorn…and my sidereal is an Aquarius (I think). my moon is also Aquarius. with that said, I have to pay extra attention to how I am actively implementing my thoughts, feelings and words into actual actions. with career and life’s desires, more than anything else. I am good at some things, and not as good at others. and then again — I do have a true knack and intuition for understanding divine timing…so I go back and forth a little bit on this one since I trust myself.

nothing happens in this world without action, but since we confuse our thoughts and words (our feelings are more of a true compass), we can stall. we stall as we unconsciously try to figure out how to align our thoughts and words…with our feelings being the centerpiece. people say that thoughts create feelings — and, they can — but I look at feelings as our heart chakra center core KNOWING. this knowing is the scariest knowing, because it will call us to do things that really seem unconventional and out of the ordinary. I do fear judgement at times, like anyone. but at a certain point, if we avoid pulling our four elements into alignment we suffer. like the example I gave about starting my HE® practice when I did. my feelings for this came first. I was clear. in 2003 I was ready to start it! but I didn’t for years. sure, divine timing was part of this. but what was my part? my part was my fear around the “thoughts” that I had connected to it — which were more so old voices / other people’s voices…including society. so what was left to rectify on this front? my thoughts and my actions. my words in this case were closer to my feelings. so my thoughts and actions had to come into balance. like “who am I to do this??” and other bad voices. the bad voices held me back from ACTION. this really just delayed what I could have started earlier. and again in total juxtaposition to this notion, I BELIEVE IN MY INTUITION AROUND DIVINE TIMING. the fact is, when we do our best, we can not get it wrong. I did my best. and I learn along the way. I still learn.

thoughts are a problem for us because of our unconscious debris. it’s the territory of the devil that wants to rob us from our actions. thoughts and actions, in my view, correspond the most. they can work in tandem most easily — or most difficultly. and with the wrong thoughts, we have the wrong actions! the whole system can get out of whack when we are not in alignment — especially in business and business deals. it takes a great deal of honesty to be truly successful in life…and not just with money — for eventually all that is not real JUST FALLS APART ANYHOW.

my favorite part about understanding alignment is truly being attuned to my feelings. a person will avoid this element, though, when they feel it will disrupt their life. such as “I can’t leave my spouse” or “I can’t leave X person all alone”…in this way, though they are putting the “feeling” onto someone else, what they are REALLY saying is “I can’t be vulnerable — I need to be in control and having this dynamic makes me feel most in control for whatever reason”. it is in this way that we avoid ourselves and lose energy. we feel tired. we drink at night. we pop pills or over-stimulate with sugar or whatever. to push down the feelings. for if we were to actually follow the FEELINGS, we would find the answer. what God REALLY wants for us. the feelings are the easiest and hardest element — easiest because they are the only thing that is real; hardest because when realized and aligned with thoughts and words, our lives change. and THEN…we are forced to take action. or die. metaphorically of course.

when the elements of feelings and actions are combined, this leaves room for the thoughts to become clearer. though still “mis-aligned”, we clarify and heal the thoughts in a way. again, feelings are the strongest element here — it’s truly what God has intended for us, no matter how “out there”. so acting on feelings but not being totally up to speed with thoughts is a better combination than acting on thoughts (which can be false, whereas feelings are not false) which create unsustainable structures (typically for ego baloney).

words are an interesting component. they can be channeled, consciously used, or unconsciously used. since they are often the byproduct of thoughts, we have to be careful…to know what part of our feeling state coordinated (or didn’t) with our thoughts on this one. words have less power than the feeling element, but they create the energy for that MOMENT. they act in a temporary sense, which, if not monitored, can stall or drag a process. words and actions are important and work better together than words and either of the other two elements, in the sense that words and actions are tangibles. the intangibles, such as thoughts and feelings, simply move us differently. the fun thing about tangibles is that they can create a big mess AND/BUT they can also create a big beauty! they can write and re-write history depending upon what we hold in our HEART

when words and actions are not aligned, we create more confusion in our thoughts. this stalls us. then again, it is also our thoughts which stall our action. we can go round and round trying to understand what our process actually is! it can be very chicken and egg. when words and actions are aligned, we have magic. words fueled by false thoughts, combined with action, can be destructive. everything has to work as a system, with the compass always being the heart (feelings), if we dare look. from this element (feelings), we work OUTWARD with the other elements. it keeps us out of over-analysis, though over-analysis for a person even remotely interested in what I am writing about here is surely likely, lol.

I look at alignment like the four earth elements; earth, fire, air and water. some of us have more of one element than the next, and some of us have more access to one element at any given time versus another. when it comes to thoughts, feelings, words and actions, we each have different degrees of clean-up and clarity to work with in terms of each — and combining them.

every day I have to ask myself: what am I doing/not doing that I would like/not like to be doing? since the outer world is always an expression of the inner world, I can be really hard on myself — even though I KNOW that even despite doing our best we are STILL driven by the divine. I wrote about this here.

while different people struggle differently/more/less with each of the four elements, I have to be most careful with my THOUGHTS. being as spongey, absorbent, empathic and sensitive as I am, I pick up LOTS. THIS IS NOT TO EXCUSE MYSELF FROM ANYTHING. it just means that this is my crux. my achilles heel — something I must monitor perhaps more than most, because I HAVE to remain so open for my WORK (pulling in and sorting through God-knows-what, that is NOT EVEN MINE, constantly). my very gift can be my very curse. and this works in both a present AND past-tense fashion. and in normal people terms, like each of us, my thoughts correspond to timelines that I haven’t yet cleared by way of trapped memory (which we all have). thoughts are truly a life of their own — and that is another article entirely but I think you get the gist in this sense.

the more honest we are with ourselves (aka the ability to do what WE want, not what society or someone else wants for us!), the more we are ACTIVE in our FEELING state. the state of true desire and power. everything else can be organized around that, but also treated as its own entity. being honest, in the feeling element, will no doubt disrupt the other three elements though, and people hate this! when we are gifted with a strong feeling state, then we have to show up — consciously and unconsciously — for the rest.

when thoughts=feelings=words=actions, we = ALIGNMENT. though I am not sure ANYONE will ever match the four elements perfectly, we can find ecstasy when we stay focused and earnest on each, bringing them into our best personal balance possible. otherwise, we go round and round like a record.