on what others think, and how caring about that will destroy you

it is possible, in fact paramount, to be conscientious…whilst still NOT CARING ABOUT WHAT OTHERS THINK.

people have written about this, and I haven’t read their books. I intend to, maybe. I haven’t because, well, probably, I am truly guided by myself at the end of the day. this inner guidance is what calls for me, at the end of the long day, to not care what others think.

I am talking about not caring about what others think, IN A CERTAIN CONTEXT here. YES — care ABOUT people. be sensitive and empathic. also: DO NOT COMPROMISE YOURSELF. if you do, you are lying 1) to yourself 2) to others. there is no virtue in being fake, which is what “caring about what others think”, is.

we are fake when we conform. to anything that goes against our core. we all fall prey to this, to a degree, in various ways. we have our family or “family”, society, acquaintances, and “role models” (whether designated BY, or FOR us). conforming is DIFFERENT from working WITH another person to find common ground. for common ground is PARAMOUNT for successful relationships with people we care about. however, common ground in this context relates to CHOSEN 1:1 relationships…so, slightly different from “family” and very different from society. note the difference!

in order to not care what others think, we have to truly know our self. this happens, only, on a CORE SOUL LEVEL. no amount of “therapy”, self-help, “classes”, or “education” / “knowledge” can get you there. SORRY! a core soul level comes via our HIGHER SELF and its agreement with our HUMAN EXPERIENCE. in this way, NO TWO SOULS ARE EQUAL. two human BEINGS are always equal. ENERGY IS NOT.

so, what to do with this information? well, lots of it is spread throughout my blog here in other articles with a focus on various nuances of what I write here. and to answer that question here, I will state that YOU MUST ACCEPT WHO / WHAT / WHERE YOU ARE IN THIS TIMELINE. if you are not open or curious about other timelines, let me stop you right there for starters — and, so then you probably care A LOT about what others think, if you are not curious or open about other timelines, and how the soul and human vessel correspond. and guess what? THAT’S OK! the point of this is not to create a hierarchy — and if you think that is what I am doing, then you are mistaken and you have only just placed YOURSELF in one.

accepting who / what / where you are in this timeline is the first step to not caring about what others think — because you are on your way to understanding the illusion that is this material world and all that corresponds to it. sure, we “live” in it — tangibly. I wrote lengthy articles about the difference between the material and immaterial worlds years ago — for example in my eBooklet 1-6 series here. the more a person understands the relationship between the tangible and intangible planes, the less they care about what others think. PERIOD.

not caring about what others think is NOT akin to not caring about others. if you believe that is what I am saying, log off from my site right now. it’s not what I am saying. I care GREATLY about others. I just won’t trade off my soul to bleed for them because their relationship to the soul plane is different from mine. I KNOW BETTER.

I came in knowing better (not, “I came in better”). this knowing made me a target. start here to understand why, and if you resonate with what I am saying then you are probably part of this plane I break down. the people who seek me out DO NOT DO SO FROM A LOGICAL, MENTAL, OR STRICTLY PSYCHOLOGICAL PLANE. the true greats in SCIENCE understand that SCIENCE AND SPIRIT ARE THE SAME THING — I also break that down in other articles. I’ve been fortunate to meet a couple of the “greats”, meaning they not only do not care about what others think, but perhaps viewed paradoxically they care more about people than anyone. yes, those who do not care about what others think typically (I’ll say almost always) care MORE about others than the average person. this is because they understand the soul and how it relates to the mind. big-picture. not tiny ego picture! when you come in like this, you will know yourself better but also carry with you a bigger field to care for others. it’s the trade-off. and the idea that people who do not care about what others think are insensitive could not be further from the truth…they are just stronger, because they work with a polarity others do NOT. and all things are relevant. (EARNED).

what others think simply doesn’t matter (pun intended). while we ALL care about what others think momentarily or temporarily or whatnot, the ability to see the big picture differentiates those who allowed themselves to be destroyed by caring about what others think versus those who do not allow themselves to be destroyed.

a most interesting paradox for the the archetype of a person who does not care what others think on a core level, is that early in life they will ALWAYS CARE what others think — ON THE SURFACE. this is DIFFERENT from trading a piece of your soul. for the surface is EGO…the core is soul. this paradox is REAL! I’ve lived it. breaking the ego was my curse/blessing reward for carrying with me a soul knowing that can’t be taught — I just came in this way. and coming in this way DOES have its initiations. perhaps that is a whole other article. perhaps I’ve already written about many nuances explaining that.

what should you do if you care about what others think, and how does/will that destroy you if you do? well, that depends; it depends upon how you “came in”. if you came in with a SOLID core knowing, it means that you truly DO NOT care about what others think. this means that you will never sell out or bow down for the FAKE MATERIAL TANGIBLES in this world like money/fame/sex/power…because IT IS ALREADY WITHIN YOU. if you are this, then you do NOT care about what others think on a core level — however you MIGHT care deeply about it on the surface, particularly if you are young. the good news in this case is, that you can bridge your higher and lower (human) selves to line up…and one day you TRULY WILL NOT CARE WHAT ANYONE THINKS. your journey and initiation, as a gift of God and a reward of grace for lining up your two beings, is not caring about what others think. if you did not come in this way, and if you have traded yourself (SOUL) off for the “finer” (FAKE) material and fleeting things in life, then you REALLY CARE about what others think…and you probably don’t come off that way AT ALL. the irony…

if you are the latter (above), you are a newer soul. not a lesser one. you have to look at yourself objectively and not judge yourself — we are ALL HERE FOR CONTRAST. I write about this, again, a lot, in my eBooklets. what newer souls don’t realize is, there really IS no judgement from others — just from others like them. the newer souls. sure, there is discernment from people who don’t want to walk that path…but that is not the same thing as judgement. understanding this evolves you, me, them, they, and the entire planet. understanding that in the truest realm, there is no judgement — the way that you judge yourself and others…but rather only God’s judgement for your intentions (which is an entirely different topic).

what others think, is always about themselves when it comes to being JUDGED. no one of value actually cares what you do / don’t do — unless you are in their way. and in that case, get out of their way. the very act of “caring” (which again — is NOT virtue, not even close lol), means that you have disconnected from God. I’m talking again about the core level, and the divinity within you (your being). when we trade off in the material world, our divinity / core / soul suffers. this is how we destroy ourselves. are you noting the difference between the material and immaterial planes here, and how our actions / beliefs are different and corresponding to each?

we have to actually believe something negative in order to suffer. so, if that negative thing/belief is true, then we need to work on it — accept it — and surrender around it. if that thing is NOT true, then we need to get to the ROOT OF THE LIE. and whomever has provoked us in this way has been a gift to help us tap into the lie. either way, this is a gift! and if it is a lie, then it can’t destroy you…only caring about the source of that lie will! — for then we have eclipsed the entire point of our suffering aka God’s will for us to understand what we REALLY ARE. this is how we destroy ourselves by “caring” what others think.

when we care about what others think in the way that I am writing about it, the others who intend to take a bite out of us get a snack for a bit. have you heard that quote that goes something like “the only taste of success some people will ever have is the bite they take out of you”? it’s true. and we can allow ourselves to be eaten, OR NOT.

what others think has nothing to do with you. what I think has nothing to do with you. but first you have to know what YOU think about you. caring about what others think will destroy you.