The brighter you shine, the more the roaches scatter

My entire blog and body of work could be summed up by dark versus light. Just like the “political” sphere, all battles are really about truth versus fear. Fear breeds: jealousy, illness (mental and physical), and desperation.

Every time my life expands, the cockroaches scatter — literally.

Just last week I was walking down the street and chatting on the phone with a friend — when I came upon a nest of cockroaches. This is always my metaphoric “sign” from the Universe of a significant expansion which relentlessly expels evil.

Evil is a nefarious and hidden energy; it sits within others, and reveals itself via actions and intentions. I’ve written scriptures and storybooks about evil that you won’t find on the mainstream channels. Evil is our most persistent problem, currently, and has revealed at lightning speed due to the very blindspot of evil (arrogance). When the light of day (aka truth) hits evil, it is truly done for. On the way, though, it will fight to the bitter end…even and especially when most exhausted.

Desperation is the scent of evil. As I wrote about in eBooklet 4 in 2016, our modern times have expedited what would have taken EONS well — eons ago! Desperation comes from true lack. Desperation attacks; abundance applauds. There is one and only one fundamental difference between evil and light: one seeks to destroy, and the other seeks to uplift. That is all that you ever need to know about spotting evil.

Evil is competitive. Evil is comparative. Evil is a gossip. Evil covets that which it can not be, and hates all that it is.

As I reflect upon boundless experiences with evil, the constant is that upon contact my life expands. Each and every time. Our world is constantly working in polarities. As dark expands, so does light; until there is no light left to feed darkness (which it always needs). “The only taste of success some people get is the bite they take out of you” is the best way to describe evil; but it’s still not sustainable. Evil desires engagement. Evil desires dispute. Evil desires you to feel what IT feels — anxiety, low self-esteem, lack of creativity, lack lack lack. Abundance never feels lack — even when its physical state is absent…for we are always nonphysical first.

As you uplevel in life, the roaches will scatter in masses and show up in different ways to let you know that all of your work has paid off in spades. I can tell you with certainty that each and every single time in my life that evil — in the form of a hater, a jealous nobody, an “enemy” (always of the latter two key words) etc — has appeared before me, it has been in tandem with my expansion. It is the giant at the gate metaphor. We do not get to cross bridges without some divine karate chops. Evil will subsequently fall over because it can not recognize expansion; it only sees its OWN lack and glimpses of light in the form of what it covets. This is why “witchcraft” aka “the evil eye” either doesn’t work or ALWAYS backfires in spades. I could tell you some stories. It’s why I could care less about bending the will of the Universe — I don’t have to, for it bends ALWAYS to goodness and truth.

The brighter you shine, the more the roaches scatter. Stomp on them where you can, light them on fire, keep walking and be willing to see more of them dying along your path. Your success alone will kill them (even before they are physically dead).