How I handle low moods / depression

Low moods and depression hit all of us at one point or another. Sometimes, if we can get in front of the storm, we can pass it through us with more grace versus becoming the storm itself.

Similar to my article on uncording, there are a number of things that I do to be with myself instead of without myself as various weather patterns pass through me…

What we put into our body has a major effect on how we feel. Obviously. It is the one thing that we can control, prior to an actual storm hitting. If I know I’m going to be riding one out, I want to know that it will pass as seamlessly as possible and with all of the proper data collected for future reference. Drugs and alcohol are off the table for me when I sense a storm (I’m not slamming anyone who does things differently). I want to be as conscious about what the storm, short or long term, is telling me so that when the next one approaches I can make progress.

The first thing I will do body-wise is focus like a maniac on my many supplements. I wrote other pieces about beauty/wellness/health, so you can keyword that to find them and read about the specifics. Supplements are whatever are right for you, and they might be as simple as magnesium and vitamin D or as extensive as parasite cleanse ingredients (can be supplemental), cholrophyll, protein and collagen shakes, etc. I actually put a LOT of stuff in my body daily anyhow, just to stay ahead of any storms (physical or otherwise). But during a potential or imminent weather pattern, I’ll ramp it up with more consistency, more water, and zero substances (except for coffee sometimes). Anything that takes you completely out of the message hence RELEASE that is coming your way as your body, mind and spirit prepare for such, will only cause you to repeat it harder a next time. I don’t eat certain foods that have antibiotics and preservatives, I eat whole foods and whole fats (again, reference my partial list in beauty/aging/wellness). I focus extra on keep whatever is clean and nourishing within me, so that I am not stalled by anything that is otherwise.

Sleep. There are not enough positives that can be said for sleep. If I wake up and don’t have a meeting or call right away, and I am feeling extra sensitive, I will go back to sleep. If my body doesn’t want to, I will actually take something to make it. I know that sounds counterintuitive to my above “clean” focus, but sleep is magical and we process so much during it – unconsciously. I will keep a journal next to my bed and write down the dreams I have (if you are not dreaming, you are probably in active ptsd amnesia – blocking things out that your mind can’t / doesn’t want to handle to process). Dreams carry so much information, and sometimes things I don’t even want to see/know. Yet, for me, they are always on point whether I like them or not.

If I feel “too low” to workout, I will stretch, plank, and immerse myself in water (either a tub or a hot tub or shower)…all the while, focused on allowing whatever weather patterns or storms that want to move through me to do so. Otherwise, I WILL WORK OUT! I am a big fan of super hot (110 degrees) yoga. Say what you will. You may thank me later.

I will mildly isolate, but not like during an uncording. Some form or even illusion of human connection can be positive, but with a boundary — since it is so possible to pull in other people’s problems in thought forms/energy (if you aren’t on board with that notion, too bad). Coffee shops, nature, and anything low key that allows me to appreciate the moment I am in, are important. If I don’t want to be anywhere, then I will stay home and pet animals. Or hug my significant other (but not too much — they can’t erase our pain).

If you have a significant other, it is very important to have some semblance of space during a time like this, simply so you know what is yours and you can process it. Though it might be tempting to blackout the storm with their presence, it won’t serve you or them (or your relationship).

Low moods and depression are ALWAYS just information…so I’ll treat it that way. Usually ancient feelings like shame / guilt / fear are at the root and they need to process. But, how? Well, this will happen in the face of the events around us if only we pay attention…friends, family, bosses, significant others, clients…so what is the pattern? I will find the pattern that I don’t want to look at — and this can only reach me via the above steps which provoke CLARITY. Typically I will find that I am avoiding a feeling, and it can be frustrating to figure out what it is if the event surrounding it is buried in my unconscious and I can’t remember it. In order to move this, I will also move in the direction of that which plagues me EMOTIONALLY…yes, I said, IN THE DIRECTION, not away from it…

You will notice during these storms that some people make you feel more insecure than others. Move toward them without reacting. There is information there. Maybe it’s shame / a lack of deserving that is causing you to run from the situation and instead of realizing this your unconscious processes it as a low mood or depression. Maybe it’s a mistake you made or a pattern you have had that you really don’t want to look at — look at it. Drive into it. Put yourself in the environment or emotional environment as long as you can to help merge with the weather patterns that are cleansing you.

Know that all things are temporary, and that the more you expose yourself to these terrible feelings, the better off you will be. They are not going away, after all, until the move THROUGH you.

Typically when one of these storms passes, and I feel cleansed, I feel as though I have let go of certain resentments or fears — this is the time to reconnect with things that plagued you and let them go. This can only be done, though, after a storm has passed. Otherwise, avoid people / places / things that are ACTIVE triggers for you during a low mood period or potential depression — they will not be productive for you or work on your behalf. With that said, if you make it through the storm, you may find that they have ZERO effect on you anymore…

Making it through a storm aka shedding a layer of self that has been holding us back or is no longer needed is like winning a race. Our heart becomes more open, we feel less afraid (fear is at the root of all evil), and we can let go of resentments (even without having to tell the person / place / thing that we have let go of such). It is also important to note that our minds are machines and can only do so much, so certain storms can last YEARS. Yes, YEARS. If this is you, do not give up hope. Life can just be this way. For reference I wrote about the latter here and here. There is absolutely an esoteric, unexplained aspect to our life cycles that is not summed up and accessible — and that is what I write about not only from personal experience, but from working with upwards of 2,000 unique individuals. Some “traditional” folks will say that being attuned to the intangible is a way of “avoiding personal responsibility”, but that is because they only dabble in one realm. Not all of us are made that way — some of us live in both realms, and always will. My blog and my work is for those of you who do.