New prerequisite book for those interested in working with me

This is going to piss off ALL KINDS of people. But, I don’t care. I follow my own direct guidance, not a herd, not the trends of the internet, and not the conveniently righteous.

First of all, I have no desire or obligation to explain my own views. What I will say is that I respect all views in this world, I honor all of those who walk in truth, and everything that I do comes from a place of desiring truth for those who I come in contact with. With that said, I happen to have been raised in the Christian (Protestant) Church. I went every Sunday as a child. I was in the Christmas and Easter pageants, the Church Choir, Sunday School, Bible Study, Summer Bible Camp, Youth Group, and probably something else.

One night at Youth Group we had traveled with our pastor to pure nature. I would get tired very easily, so sensitive as I was to others and their energies, and so I went to bed early. It was a top bunk bed. All of the other kids were talking in a main room. Out of nowhere, I woke up on the floor about 6 feet down from the bunk bed and I was on my hands and knees. It was painful, as I had “fallen” out of bed in my sleep, but I was not injured. I cried for help until someone heard me and came in. I don’t remember much after that, but what I do know is that groups in certain format are not for me. Even with the most benevolent prayer, we must adhere to our own God-given intuition. We are each made differently in body, mind and spirit. We can discern who to share our prayer with, and when and how.

I tell the above story and share the details of my past because as this new trend of “Christians” rises, I am reminded that words mean nothing – it is how you walk through life in your heart. Your connection to God, Jesus Christ, The Holy Spirit or the deity of your belief is your business. I love and appreciate genuine sermons, but not social media garbage from people who have never lived an adult life and serve to point the finger for clout. Words mean nothing other than the meaning they take on THROUGH you. The bible is not knowledge, it is experience. All scripture is experience. Those who scream the loudest and with most arrogance have never lived and it shows. For this reason, and others, I won’t tell you what to believe or that you “need to be delivered” or “redeemed”. That’s bubble gum baloney for the apparitions; the archetypes are those who have already WALKED or are willing to walk.

With that said, since the beginning of my practice Healing Elaine® I have come from a space very personal and sacred to me that I have been walking with for nearly 5 decades. I don’t need to advertise that space. When I first began my work, I was broken to NOTHING as God begged me to help and heal others. I didn’t want to because I didn’t believe that I had the right – after all, I was not God. I knew how it all worked. As I sat on my living room floor in silence every day for nearly 3 years, God said “I will not let you eat again unless you help others PUBLICLY – I don’t care how you start, what you call it or how you organize it. Just start”. I had an older friend at the time – just so happened to be a Christian and a man of God – tell me that I showed up in his hotel room as he was filming a project. He initially thought my appearance meant that I died, and upon speaking with me he said he knew I was there to comfort him. For the record I HAVE NEVER, EVER IN MY LIFE STUDIED NOR HAVE I BEEN INTERESTED IN ASTRAL PROJECTION OR THE LIKE – THANK YOU. My friend told me, encouraged me, nearly pleaded with me to begin healing others with my advice and life force. I ALWAYS knew I could do this, I had done it since my first breath, and I had tabled starting a life coaching company back in 2003. However, I thought, who wants to hear anything from someone in their early 20s? I struggled and prayed on my decision to start my company and after years of sharing my life force and helping folks with their psyche and business and life decisions ANYHOW, I decided to incorporate the word “reiki” just so that the average population (since I was putting this online, publicly) could identify it with healing – with my purpose.

I took a reiki 1 class and never took another. What I did, and what I do, IS NOT REIKI. When young people come to me, and after working with THOUSANDS in New York City, I have told them that I could not teach them reiki. I never taught one reiki class in my life, and I don’t have the credentials to do so anyhow. God had me use that word as a relatable tool to serve my next steps, and I took it out of my company dba name a year or so later after beginning. I also do not teach my “method” of healing, because for me there is none — I work through God. This is my personal connection, my private connection, and I don’t need to flaunt or talk about it in a way to prove myself. I think this is the first time I have spoken so candidly in my blog or online about my belief and where my connection comes from. The young women and men who I mentor know this. I also know there are loser Voldemorts out there parroting the Lord who “think” that my work is not of Christ. They can sit on their fake dogma and spin.

Finally. I am adding The Holy Bible to my reading list not to tell you who to be — that is GOD’S job, not mine — but to add to your worldview. You can study it philosophically if you like, without attachment. Your belief is part of your personal autonomy and I do not judge your pace or your choice or your spirit. I may be outspoken, but there is a reason so many people refer to me as the least judgmental person they have ever met. With this reading requirement, I ask that you simply study it from a space of curiosity. The lessons and the faith in divine plan are things I have taught FROM DAY ONE IN EVERY SINGLE SESSION OF MINE, ANYHOW — I just translate what some might consider dogma to relatable truth so as to bring them closer to their own self, truth and soul. I have never pushed dogma onto anyone. Maybe it wasn’t time, maybe it will never be time, but what I do know is that there is value and love in The Bible for anyone. You do not need to commit or convert to a name or religion – that is not the point of my making this a prerequisite. After all – faith works on attraction, not promotion.

God uses each of us in unique ways. My social circles, my 20+ year work history in corporate / entertainment / entrepreneurship, and my client base of around 2,000 different individuals I’ve worked with on the deepest of levels are part of my path. I know my purpose, I know my tests, and I know my heart. I follow my divine guidance when I receive it, and I pray on every decision that I make – for the higher and greater good, NEVER for mine. In fact I could stand to learn a thing or two about praying for MY good. I do not “channel” (I wouldn’t even know how), I do not talk to ghosts or spirits, and the only spirit guides I have connected to are those I am familiar with since a child understanding Church. God made me how I am, whether you relate to me or understand me or not. I am not better than you, or anyone, and this has been my path. I have learned about satanists, the occult and the devil through shapeshifters who have crossed my path — in my life, in CHURCH, and in sessions. They are everywhere. The devil knows scripture better than anyone.

Anyone who works with me knows my core prior. It’s why I have attracted both amazing, and terrible people. I don’t need to explain myself further. This new prerequisite will strengthen information that lives in each of us already that we need to be well, and it will cast out those who are allergic to truth. Again: I am not suggesting, in any way, that you change your religious beliefs or become a “Christian”. I am VERY FAMILIAR with the fact that MANY grew up in the Church being ABUSED by priests, pastors, THEIR OWN PARENTS, and so on. So, if you are a “cool” modern-day Christian or you come from another faith, do not look down upon those who have not yet become comfortable with a label, a title, or a commitment to something that they are still working to understand. Your judgment will become your reckoning one day.

I am a bridge. My reading requirements now include: science and physics, spirituality, psychology, and religion. It is important to understand each of these bodies of self, and it is OK to take what we can and leave the rest as we are healing.


If you want to work with me, you must have already ordered all of the books and made it through the first three listed in my contact/about section. Then, you can call 917 985 1221 and leave your first name only – not your story. I spend 99.9999% of my time working with others TALKING. I intermittently do NOT do hands on healing, for several reasons. It is important to note that your MIND BODY AND SOUL must have reached a certain point to even receive a hands on healing in the first place – at least that is the way that I see it. I will NEVER tell you it is time to have a session with me, I will NEVER suggest that you keep coming back or that you need me (in fact I have had to fight people off from trying to use me as a crutch), and those who know already know this.

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