How to know you’re dealing with a demon

As I re-read the Bible, I am wildly reminded of why I do what I do. People tend to skip over the parts that cover spiritual warfare, which is the war between God and Satan.

As a child I was sensitive to evil, and evil was all around me. When the very umbrella that is supposed to protect us is obliterated or never there to begin with, demons enter. Children have little to no defense against these creatures, and they can create strongholds and lineage curses that last lifetimes.

What has made me different from many people is my intrinsic understanding of and oppositional strength and drive against demons and demonic legions. So much so, that they have been obsessed/ fascinated with me my entire life.

I’ve met countless demons through my work, those which people unwittingly carried and those which people made actual agreements with. Several years ago a lady showed up in my space and began screaming before she even reached the door. She screamed outside of my building and in my building hallways for an hour before I let her in (at the appropriate appointment time). Most will never understand why I did what I did and do what I do. I do.

My entire life has been a masters program in spiritual warfare, and the last decade of my work has been the application of such. In re-reading scripture and listening to sermons, it is wildly affirming to me that my understanding of Satan has grown in such a powerful way that there is no possibility that I have been on the wrong track – my life’s purpose has never been more clear. The ways in which ancient scripture describes connecting the intangible to the tangible is information I don’t intellectually recall, ever, reading in the past – yet it describes the exact mechanics of my work.

I’ve recently re-applied my focus on the Bible for many reasons, some of which I outline in a recent blog post. Much of my writing has been about evil – since the beginning. That is because we are here for one reason and one reason only: to understand (and thus defeat) evil. Most do not understand, many do not care to, and so they never will…and will suffer the fate accordingly.

As I studied evil and learned about evil people, I was also studying advanced demonic presences – the two things go hand-in-hand of course, but what people don’t realize is how many otherwise “decent” people host demons…because they are lazy.

I recently (2020) connected with a friend / acquaintance from the distant past who I knew in my youth / early 20s. Of course, back then, I was riddled with strongholds you can’t even believe, and so many of the people I attracted were a match to the demonic warfare that circled me like sharks at all times. Upon seeing this person, I saw what I’ve always seen with those riddled in demonic legion or fully committed to demonic warfare: they couldn’t look me in the eye, but it wasn’t so much THEM. It was them in the sense that I have every confidence they have wittingly committed to darkness…but the thing looking back through their eyes was the demon…and it couldn’t make eye contact with me (at first). As a demon gets more comfortable around you because it thinks it “has” you, it will have an easier time making eye contact at that point. Pay attention to the initial encounter, always, and never forget it.

Lack of eye contact might seem like an obvious no-brainer in terms of an evil presence, but too many people write it off as someone being “shy” or “damaged”. NO. As a child, I was abused like none other – physically, verbally, emotionally and so on. Some might say the type of warfare used against me was militant in nature — being ripped from a slumber by my hair, beaten by both a male and female “caretaker” until I couldn’t cry anymore etc…but, I always looked people in the eye. I wanted them to “see” me. I had nothing to hide. I continued to trust and to seek despite it all. I never turned my back on God.

When in the presence of a person aka demon committed to everything that stands against goodness and transparency, they will have trouble looking you in the eye. They will tilt their head, look to the side, or seem generally out of it. The opposite is also true, and I’ve seen it — they will look at you with bug-eyes, a dead stare. I’m not talking about polite direct eye contact, I am talking about a FIXED gaze. A studying of sorts that feels creepy to the core. The two forms of eye contact are unmistakable, unnatural, and what lies behind both is pure evil.

With that said, a creepy fixed stare IS the same thing as not looking you in the eye; the demon has put a veil over the human lens on that person in some cases. So either way, the demon / person is afraid and can not look you in the eye – there are just two tactics involved in how they can not look you in the eye.

As I wrote about in a prior article, one of the features of evil is confusion. But it’s obviously not just that, since demonic presence hits us on every physiological level. Sure, they are master liars and manipulators (this is Satan’s top skill)…but they have other facets of expression that leave impressions as well. In the presence of a demon you will lose focus on the things that are crucial to your life path. In short, the person / demon will take you entirely off track. It doesn’t matter how it happens. As you look back, you will notice that all of the positive / healthy / forward motion actions you were taking or wanted to take were stalled. You were in contract / communication with a demon. The purpose of such a person(s) is to take you completely off course, and in the most clever ways. The issue is that unless you have a VERY grounded life of pure alignment, you won’t see it coming until after your life is ruined (for a time).

Intellect and intelligence is always a hallmark of a demon as well – this is how they do their best work! They will also want to know EVERYTHING about you. They are studying you. The legion within them is studying you. They may host a dozen actual intangible people in their human cavity as each person (demon) works to destroy you in different ways. A demon / person committed to evil (they will never, ever admit such) will always want to know EVERYTHING about you. But it’s more than being a gossip. They are looking for loopholes in your mind, in your spiritual fabric, to fully penetrate at the opportune time. They look and wait for “weak moments” to enter or re-enter your life, as they know you have lost footing and are easier to access.

A “creepy” gaze or look is common with a demon / person, and it’s hard to describe. As I mentioned, they either look away or have bug-eyes focused upon you. The feeling of creepiness or an internal dirtiness upon connecting with one of these people is unmistakable. It’s like not showering for a week, except you feel it inside of you.

People who are abused rise with nature over nurture – every single time. Someone who is rude and comes to you with a story is not to be ignored — it is 100% possible to be a truly evil person to start with AND to have suffered abuse of all kinds. Others will always be good and kind, despite their experiences. You have to be in an advanced enough space to know the difference between these people, and unless you’ve met with thousands of people and developed your own science around it then the Bible is your best bet to better understanding and spotting this. It’s all in there. This is why there is a war on prayer and religion right now. But be careful – Satan’s favorite place is Church…and he loves to preach the gospel as well!

The best way to protect yourself from a demon is to study the scripture and demonic warfare. If you have something to offer a demon / person — in fact the MORE you have to offer them — they more they will pursue you (in bizarre ways). Some will just want to hear your voice, as it provides them energy to feed off of. They work with darkness, spells, curses and so forth — and you have to learn how you open doors to those portals. Nothing can hurt or enter you unless you open the door for the demon … it takes understanding and discipline to know how this happens. All of this is real.

Demons love to present like “ordinary” people and hide behind intellect. They hide behind “relationships and balance” and the affront of a “loving family”. ALL of it is fake. If you are a true seer, you see right through this. In my case, I’ve chosen (because I am never afraid) to move forward in dealing with some of these people to study them. Since a demon / person is incredibly arrogant, they’ve thought that they pulled one over on me. Never.

We suffer as we study, but we suffer more when we don’t study. The choice is always yours. Our battle right now is unbelievable, but I know it’s what I was put here for. There are levels to darkness and evil that you just can’t imagine. The average person right now, is prey for demonic warfare. It’s how we’ve gotten here. The average person is living a basic and relatively unfulfilled and depressive life and they do not know why. I know why. Demons.

The fundamental role of a demon is to steal and delete your purpose from God. Never forget this. Never forget as well, that if you follow the rules, you will defeat and obliterate a demon / person.

If you look away from what scares you, you have committed to it. If you try to solve your problems with darkness (you have to know what this is), you will have more of it. Demon / people will work, sometimes for years, to infiltrate your life and your purpose and your space. That is how dedicated Satan is.

So you say things “just aren’t going right” for you…have you stopped to consider or ask why?

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