How To Change Your Life

How to change your life for the better – I’m going to keep it real simple today:

1) MOVE. Physically. That’s right. Move.

2) Stop consulting the occult – tarot, psychics, and fortune tellers. When you open up that space, you are letting in Satan and demonic warfare that infects your mind, alters your God-given decision-making ability, and lets God know you are committed to the dark side versus your gift of personal free will.

3) Stop complaining. Every time you incant negativity, you draw more of it to you.

4) Stop gossiping. Sharing other people’s business is NOT your business. You bring negative karma to you immediately by doing this.

5) Humble your pride and ego. You are not better than anyone because of how “smart” you are – therefore the world owes you nothing other than the fruits of your own internal labor and efforts. No one cares what you do for work. What matters is whether you respect yourself, others, and live in victim consciousness or not.

6) Help others. Lack mentality is a sickness and a disease. Always feeling like “life is unfair to me specifically” is evil because it’s not true – others are suffering more than you, and in ways you don’t want to understand.

7) Keep in mind that all of your actions will be there to support you or come back to hurt you when you are in a real position of weakness. Chances are you don’t have it bad enough, or even know what bad is. And that’s precisely why you can’t / won’t change your life.

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