How to know if you are cursed

For those of you who are new here, the entire foundation of my practice can be summed up with one phrase: deliverance from evil. The problem for many, however, is that they are committed to evil. Wholly and completely.

Committing to evil is easy. Suffering from evil is hard. Extracting yourself from evil is both.

The spore of evil comes from the formative years of our life when we were most impressionable. Many of my articles here sound like broken records to my veteran readers and patients/clients, because each discusses the notion of evil / truth in different ways – through different personal stories and experiential lenses. Evil creates curses that begin with strongholds placed upon your mind – by those who want to control you.

Many people should never have children. However that would defy the meaning of life, which is to understand the full kaleidoscope matrix of good (truth) and evil (lies). The problem first occurs when people who have problems have children. It then ensues when the children are unable or UNWILLING to break free from the problems (curses) imposed upon them by family members.

I’ve written extensively about common stories of abuse. Most people will go to their grave defending their abusers. That is why is persists. The key, though, the real lesson, is to see truth without splitting and living in black and white territory. Most can not grasp this key because (cognitive dissonance included) they are committed to an all-or-nothing view of the world. This doesn’t work when you are abused. It only reinforces the abuse and the curse that has been placed upon you. This is how you commit to that curse. By being lazy.

Lazy people lack courage to see “what is”. They don’t want to. They’d rather commit to the curse.

What causes the curse is the refusal to see what is NOT true about you. What is not true about you are the beliefs that have been passed down by others. In a victim-loving society, it’s super ironic that virtue signaling “victims” don’t actually confront abusers — rather they displace the TRUTH (the real abuser — their parents or early life caretakers or experiences) onto the rest of the world. This is a problem because the world at large is not and will never be responsible for your problems. These signalers are therefore self-imposed victims. Fake victims. Once you begin to ambiguously blame the outer world for your curses you are COOKED. This, of course, is not the same thing as being legitimately hurt or attacked by real outer-world forces — like institutions, fake news mobs, and so on.

You are cursed if you are suffering from any disorder. Mental, physical, or spiritual. What this means is you have COMMITTED to strongholds (beliefs used to control you) by those you “love”. Refusal to see this, deal with it, forgive yourself for being too young to defend yourself and therefore betraying yourself, and ultimately forgiving WITHOUT FORGETTING will keep you sick forever.

A stronghold aka curse is any state within which we do not feel free. It doesn’t matter what is actually happening in the outer world…our prison is always in our own mind.

In my darkest moments, I have felt free. Not always initially, but always ultimately. NOTHING in the outer world can remedy or fix this. If I were unwilling to examine the stronghold, I would have died already. I chose otherwise. We betray ourselves doubly when we 1) believe the stronghold in adult life because we won’t examine our own lack of courage 2) blame the outer world instead of the demonic origins of our beliefs.

Society is not responsible for anything. It either reinforces or opposes when you believe. The belief itself, is up to you.

I can’t tell you how many “smart” people are forever cursed by their controlling parents. Take the example of the young man controlled and DOMINATED by his own mother — the ultimate and most EVIL stronghold in existence — he will FOREVER feel that he “can’t move forward”. Why? Because the psychological warfare that has been there since day one is his mother manipulating and controlling him to do what she pleases — which is to NEVER LEAVE HER. Always in tandem with this scenario there is a weak or absent father. The son is left, as a child, defenseless against the emotional incestuous and sexually pervasive undertone strongholds imposed upon him by the mother. He will forever struggle with women, and never move away from home – just as mother wished for him (even if she complains that he should “move out and get a job” – which is a LIE and a double-bind).

The above is a perfect example of a stronghold turned curse, and a person (the son) who has fully committed to it. A curse becomes truly active when we commit to it with weakness. We go against GOD when we won’t rescue ourselves from a stronghold. This ALWAYS boils down to laziness and NOT WANTING TO FEEL.

You will know you are cursed if you just “can’t move forward” or “can’t move out“. Classic curse in full effect. Other curse symptoms are chronic confusion and fogginess. At the helm is perhaps a memory you can not recover (which is never your fault) plus a commitment to staying in this state simply by LYING TO YOURSELF about current circumstances (THIS, you CAN CONTROL – and if you don’t want to, you will suffer greatly).

People conflate, greatly, their primary life experiences with a directive from the outside world. We ALL do this to some degree, and at one time or another (or many). For example. If you had a controlling (anything controlling or domineering IS SATANIC) parent who told you that you are damaged / flawed / can never live or exist without them and you believe it, you are under a stronghold as a child. This is always demonic, and the intention is to steal your soul. IT DOESN’T MATTER “WHY” or “they had a bad childhood, too!!!!”. Once you begin to rationalize, you’re done. DONE! This then gives you permission TO BLAME THE OUTSIDE WORLD AND EVERYONE IN IT. This is when your stronghold becomes a curse and you project your entire life onto something outside of the origin of the evil that controls your every move. In addition, you will encounter, OVER AND OVER AGAIN, the people who reinforce the false belief that you have about yourself.

The evil that you commit occurs when you are too weak to look at the truth of your life and how a stronghold becomes a curse. You are always in control of the curse. A door must be opened in order for a curse to take effect.

Curses give you selective listening, unless you are truly suffering. I can’t tell you how many people I’ve met who want me to “help” them, but only through the lens of selective listening. They want to hear the “fun” or “esoteric” part of what can “help” them…but NOT the truth! This is a convenient lie they engage in. They are in full agreement and commitment to evil at this point. The demons that have been encouraging their strongholds enjoy this so very much – it enables them to grow bigger with their anger and resentment and commit ridiculous acts of blame against others. As they do this, they seal their fate and become sicker and sicker and more demonic.

The bottom line is that we open to the door to satan by LIES and lies only. We can twist and turn, drink every night (even if it’s tons of caffeine), distract ourselves with relationship or physical activities (i.e. chronic, compulsive workouts), but the lies only embed deeper within us to the point that we can’t see them anymore — and many endeavor for this to be the case, to bury the lie as deeply as possible. As then, it is everyone else’s fault! I wrote about this phenomenon in The Consciousness Split™.

The only way to deliver yourself from evil is to be honest. It’s simple, but so hard for most. For being honest uproots your entire life. This is why I have pre requisites in queue in order to work with me. I am not a bubble gum healer and won’t ever be. I can see the lies your mind tells you before we meet. I’ll also note that this is NOT a darkness – I’ve had this gift since a child, and I came to understand many years ago in NYC that a number of clergy have this as well. I kept religion separate from my public persona for a long time for many reasons. With that said, I know the difference between a satanic voice and a voice from God. My entire blog spells out just what that is, if you are able to discern it any apply it.

Active additions are the #1 sign of a curse in full effect. Alcohol, relationships etc are all curse hallmarks. It’s funny how people trapped in addictive (demonic) relationships judge those who are alcoholic. They are one in the same.

When we believe something unpleasant / untrue about ourselves, we have a responsibility to transcend that stronghold. If we do not, because of the excuses our mind makes, we commit to the curse and YES WE ARE RESPONSIBLE. The reason that we are here is to transcend the lies and return to our core state.

It is true that some people are not only committed to evil, but they originally come directly from that spore. Not everyone can be delivered, but that is rare as nearly all demons can be evacuated IF the will of the person is strong enough and obliges. I can not begin to tell you how many exorcisms I performed in NYC starting back in 2011. Demons are real. And the only thing that can beat them is pure truth.

So, what exactly is your curse? It is a negative belief about yourself that ultimately gets pushed onto others because you committed to it so deeply. This shows up in your life as roadblocks or obstacles – physical or otherwise. A person can help lift your curse, but only so much as you are willing and able to participate. I’ve worked with many who were initially SO happy with my work because I did it FOR them. I had to learn the hard way that I could not keep lending my life force, for months and years on end, to people just because they hired me ONE TIME. I noticed their reliance upon and obsession with my soul’s ability to wear the burden for them as they feigned dedication to participate. I could only evacuate their demons as much as they were willing to take a hard look at themselves. And for many, it has just been easier to blame others – and commit evil acts upon the world as a way to evade deliverance. Some people don’t want to be delivered. They become cursed TWICE AS HARD when they have the pure opportunity to do so, and take it for granted. I can’t say enough about how real that last part is.

We have lost our path to God. I have personally done my fair share of research and understanding along the lines of evil as it pertains to psychics, mediums, “readers” and so forth. They used to chase me down the street as a child and early 20 something. They wanted my light. My truth. This is obviously the opposite of evil. I fell down several times when I opened the door to the gates of hell through curiosity and research. I know that much of my purpose has been contingent upon how much I am willing to learn about evil and confront it, but I’ve had to learn the balance between that world and God’s world. For this reason, never again in my entire life will I visit or converse with a “psychic” or “reader”. It was interesting, from many perspectives to learn about how their spirit and mind work – as well as the demonic forces around them – but I’m done. What I do is nothing like what they do, and I have to continue to sincerely consult with God about my path and how I do things. Every time, those people are OVERRUN by demons and some of them consciously will not admit it – to themselves or others. It is a path straight to hell. Don’t be fooled. EVEN IF THEY ARE.

Truth is eternal – not a fortune cookie or “outcome” card. If we “need” those things to know truth, we are in a stronghold and a demonic curse. I never ever needed those things, but I was curious. I noticed that horrible things would happen when I opened up those portals for research or personal curiosity. That is a whole other article, but the point is that spiritual warfare is waged through demonic unseen forces and fortune telling is one of them. This is not the same thing as asking your intuitive friend (a student of God) for their personal opinion or advice. A true person can sense eternal truth that is not based on the devil – eternal truth just IS. It’s what I see when I look at people, and after helping THOUSANDS I will never question what I know. If there is ONE lesson I’ve learned through dealing with and conversing with demonic legions it is that I always know best inside.

You are under a curse if you have no understanding of God. Clean examples of intuitive guidance include a close relationship with God paired with your desire. For example. Two of my veterinarians knew things about my animals without even examining them or hearing what I had to say about their condition. This is no different from walking into a seasoned therapist’s office (please keep in mind that there are MANY demonic and purely evil “therapists” out there, and they LOVE to soul suck through this work – you’ll have to implement everything that God spells out to understand how to spot them, but believe me when I tell you they are some of the craziest people I’ve ever met. Demons are as psychic as the next person but THERE IS A DIFFERENCE between a demon and God. Psychic can come from God, or the devil and you’ve GOT to know the difference) and having them tell you something you can’t believe that they know, about yourself. This is where science and spirit intersect and it’s my world. This is God’s world. You lose access to this the moment you don’t know how to vet someone through the lens of God. Your curse will be at its strongest when this is the case.

Curses can be broken but you have to be psychologically and physically willing for this to happen. After all, you opened the door for one to alchemize. No one is innocent enough to rebuke strongholds and curses from INITIALLY occurring, so don’t feel bad about yourself. There are ways that we open the door to the devil, OR CLOSE IT, and no purple witch is going to help you.

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