Healing Elaine® annual Holiday Pop-up (Texas style)

Every December I offer a holiday pop-up. This includes abbreviated sessions (with the understanding that less time = … less time – which means you will have to work harder on your own without me) at a lesser cost. The requirements include the books (read my about section) and the willingness to finish them in a timely manner to support the foundation and extension of our work together.

This will take place in Texas. Ironically, I have zero clients from Austin to date. Everyone has flown in from different cities to work with me. I think it will continue to be this way.

Please read my main pages thoroughly before calling and asking me questions such as “can you explain to me what you do?” … I have given away more information, more testimonials, and more lengthy (free) descriptions of my work via my blog than any other person offering any sort of service. I practically spell it out for you. If you are not taking the time to read through it all, you won’t make the time to apply any of our work to your life and then you will blame me for it – so it will not be the right session.

I’m in this for the dramatic shifts. Anything less than that is your responsibility and the desire to be “fixed” rather than do the heavy lifting required by God and the divine. A dramatic shift occurs when something deep inside of us says “I’m ready to live differently” and then we go lift the weights required to make it last forever. There will always be new mountains to climb, new volcanos of destruction, and new rivers to swim across…no miracle can erase the responsibility of being a human being, but it can dramatically improve your life and get you closer to your goals in an unprecedented amount of time.

Nothing can replace the value of peace. Our work cultivates peace. Nothing can sway me to forgo my peace and work with someone who wants MY peace in exchange for their money with no work on their part. That would be the work of the devil. So. You either know how this works or you do not.

I state the above because a pop-up session is shorter than a traditional session which is comprised of two afternoons together and remote follow-up (at this time, that is the traditional session format – format is always subject to change as are the rates for such). I’ve offered student rates to folks unable to make the traditional session work, and the pop-up is a great alternative for the latter. This will happen in December ONLY, and I have limited availability for it.

I love working with the right people. Nothing brings me more joy than watching someone move mountains and step into purpose, provided they are honest, have integrity, and respect me as well as our work together. Lately I’ve heard from many folks from long, long ago (8 years +) and it’s wild to note their changes and their commitment to themselves and the world around them. This keeps me motivated to meet more folks like them, and to make offerings like this one from time to time.

You know the drill! Leave a voicemail on the business line at 917-985-1221.

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