Fast-forward your timelines by making a decision

When you sit idle, afraid of “making the wrong decision”, you are only prolonging the inevitable. For there is no such thing as a mistake — rather only a CHOICE.

A mistake doesn’t exist when it’s a decision; and a mistake surely exists when it’s a choice. A choice is a conscious behavior, rooted in selfishness (even if we lie to ourselves and pretend it’s not). A choice is a desire to avoid pain, and control a situation by feigning a decision, and therefore making a MISTAKE.

A decision is a leap of FAITH.

When you take a leap of faith, you move toward you all potential paths that exist ON THE WAY TO YOUR DESTINY. Destiny is a DESTINATION ordained by God, paved through choices and decisions, with fated lessons sprinkled along the way. And the thing about destiny, is that is CANNOT BE AVOIDED.

Movies that come to mind as reference points for destiny include Premonition and Sliding Doors.

When we are bold enough to LIVE THROUGH OUR FEAR therefore taking ACTION with a DECISION (versus a mistake), we are in POWER VERSUS FORCE – and we are effectively dramatically shortening our timeline to our next opportunity hence destiny.

There is no such thing as time. It is a linear construct. But, obviously, we experience it in a measured fashion – using clocks and calendars. With this measurement by virtue of our decisions versus mistakes, we notice lots of experiences on that clock or calendar…versus blank space and WORRY, which would accompany no decision at all.

Each time we fill up our time with more experiences thanks to our willingness to sit in the unknown and fall into the chasm of all things uncharted, we bring forth what was already THE INEVITABLE and just at a faster pace.

An example of this would be a person who is feeling the heat of “societal” or “social” “pressure” to get married. Instead of following their core, they do it. Their core, in this sense, is the chasm of the unknown and uncharted which would have no doubt brought them their destiny much sooner – despite lying to themselves by saying that their choice aka MISTAKE was a DECISION. So they do it and they are miserable. They are fated with long-term misery instead of short-term pain. They prolong their timelines to a degree, but they do not miss their DESTINY…

Let’s take the same person who feels the heat but DOESN’T get married. They are fated with more events, very quickly, which mirror or mimic the one that they just had so that they could FINISH THE LESSON – if they even need to, since the leap of faith they took was so strong (and therefore sometimes that finishes the lesson). At the intersection of their strongest destiny point (not all destinies are created equal), they find the same outcome regardless of their decision or “mistake” – because God will provide you with parallel realities on the path to destiny. The gains in this example would be more joy by virtue of following their path, and even destinies reserved for other lifetimes which have been MOVED UP and are now accessible, therefore enhancing their overall experience and enjoyment.

Enjoyment and fulfillment is the number one factor in terms of choosing your truth aka making a decision versus a mistake – enjoyment and fulfillments are gifts from the fates, on the path to destiny. Worry, depression and feelings of stagnation are curses of the fates in terms of making a mistake aka staying “comfortable” on the path to destiny.

Our experience is either a blessing or a curse, and only the major destination (destiny) points on our grand personal map are what God cares about. So, what am I talking about then with regard to moving up your timelines?

Well if time doesn’t exist, and it is just a construct, then the mosaic of your entire path and life is being reordered in ways that could only be experienced as fragments of timelines in your various conscious states. Various conscious states are the awareness of infinite possibilities at one time, the experience of the collapse of time and space, and a certain youth that pokes through no matter your age – these are gifts and they are not afforded to the weak.

As you move forward your timelines, YOU DROP DENSITY; have you ever met someone who looks 10, even 20 years younger than their physical age? I’m not talking about plastic surgery (in fact I think that usually ages people) – I’m talking about an energy that can’t be replicated via tangible means. When we move out of fear, attune to the endless sea of consciousness available to us and make decisions instead of mistakes, we enter a completely new realm…

Another anecdote that comes to mind regarding my timeline and the experience of time references is the movie Arrival. As we move into a realm beyond “what is” and the bombardment of 3D messaging (not the trendy kind that the rip-off “artists” online write about), we experience things only people who take drugs and Ayahuasca brag about. And, no, we do not need those substances to get here because frankly those substances create a fleeting, illusory window into THE REAL THING…which is only experienced by doing it the long, hard way.

When we fast-forward our timelines by making a decision we are doing so by AVOIDING FEAR imposed by THE ILLUSION OF TIME. Get it?

The above requirement is one of detachment from worrying about “being alone” or “missing that great job opportunity” or “fitting in”. If you maintain those earthly concerns – as most do – you will never drop density and experience what I am talking about. So then – how does your destiny (if it is so fixed!?), fit in here?

Once again: your destiny is a destination. If you were born to produce a special rocket that no one else could ever conjur, then you are going to do that – the point is that based on your decision versus mistake, YOUR MOSAIC OF TIME WILL LITERALLY SHIFT AROUND YOU in accordance and relativity to the masses. This is a trippy experience, and what I can only imagine being on drugs is like (I’ve only ever smoked Mary Jane, sorry). Now on the LINEAR PAGE, you will drag out your mundane human experiences by living in a mistake versus a decision…so perhaps this means you are 70 when you complete that special rocket instead of 30. Who would know, though, besides you and God, if you were “supposed to be” 70 or 30?

The soul is eternal. Therefore your HUMAN experience of WAITING to achieve your destiny would be unbearably painful and that’s the real tradeoff in terms of acting out of fear (mistakes) versus faith (decisions). In addition, soul contracts factor in here…

With the example of a person pressured to marry, they no doubt bypass certain soul connections that would otherwise CATAPULT their destiny timeline. Not only will they suffer from unfulfillment (the reason they bump those timelines WAY BACK, versus move them forward), but their soul experiences the pain of unlearned lessons that carry over into the other realm. This is a completely separate notion from the soul being eternal. With that said, the example of a person pressured to marry who knows deep in their gut it is wrong for them and passes the test with a leap of faith by NOT doing it, affords them fulfillment, advanced lessons, and NEW soul lessons carried over into the other realm. And IN EACH CASE, their destiny is still fulfilled, just with the tradeoffs I mention…and WHAT’S MORE, is BECAUSE time is elusive and illusory, THEIR PATH is aligned WITH THE COLLECTIVE relative to the importance of their path. Again, this is the trippy part…

Since we are all living, daily, in the dream world relative to time, God can do anything He wants to re-arrange our individual and collective experience of it – BASED ON OUR FREE WILL. Based on our decisions versus our mistakes. At the end of the day, the only person who suffers is US. What I am saying is that something “ordained” to occur in the year 2023 could effectively be moved to the year 2056 based on our own free will – and tied to that would be the collective experience of it in either timeline based on an aggregate of our individual consciousness/experiences (which can really occur in any time period, but still be experienced “now”).

People do drugs to experience what I’m writing about here…but you don’t need to. All you need to do is embrace fear, and take massive risks. The issue that the average person faces is they are too scared because of what they are told “is”. “Get married by this age”. “Take this job by this age”. “Do it how I am doing it – look at how happy and great I am”. These are tests – and nothing more than one person’s experience…designed to cull your interpretation of your own reality and destiny. The path to consciousness is an individual one, and people like to claim to know about it and they will sell you their shitty self-help books and all, but if they were truly conscious in the way they purport to be then they would understand the mechanics of a reality that most will only ever know by tripping or leaving their bodies – because they are scared. Fear is the ingredient to making a successful decision…it simply MUST be experienced to open the door to the HIDDEN PATHS…

I’m not suggesting anyone EVER buck the system (so to speak) or their own idea of what they want simply to do something “different” with the intention of experiencing “other” in the way that I write about it here – no. What I AM suggesting is that EVERYONE buck their FEAR by knowing whether they are making a decision or a mistake – and, the trick here is denying time (and, in a sense, “reality”)…you will only ever know this based on your ability to connect to the intangible where time doesn’t exist – and you will never know it if you live in fear. Fear always comes with “logic”, rationale, and force.

Power – which is the opposite of force and fear – affords us the ability to literally move up / fast-forward our timelines. And what happens each time we do this, is we meet more people and opportunities that match the integrity of our LEAP OF FAITH. This makes our 3D experience much more enjoyable, and we effectively call in an expansiveness that our tangible experience provides to our SOUL. We expand our entire world. Sometimes we will rub shoulders with those who stayed in another realm because they are afraid (most people area), but only for so long as God needs us to tether a map of meridian lines that make up both seen and unseen worlds.

You can do it the hard way, with great experiences, a more fulfilling destiny, and MUCH CLOSER timelines based on surrendering fear – and things may LOOK like they are taking longer when in actuality they are nearer than they could possibly be because you are making use of potentials that would never otherwise be available to you…or, you can do it the “easy” way…with fear, feelings of being “stuck”, a sense of stagnation, and the experience of “being like everyone else”. In the case of the latter, it will APPEAR as though “important” “decisions” are happening now (the ones required for you to “fit in”, into society”), but your core ALWAYS KNOWS – and hence, THINGS WILL TAKE LONGER. In either case, it’s not that you can get it wrong in the grand scheme of life – but your timelines will be very different…and your experience will be either less or more enjoyable based on the amount of pain (aka the unknown) you are willing to endure.

With regard to all of the above, God of course plays a role – in accordance with what your SOUL is willing to do. Our SOUL will make a decision before our MIND does. What THIS LOOKS LIKE, is that we feel…funny. Our body feels weird, our brain might interpret our reality in unforeseen ways, and we feel as though we ARE IN A VOID – when our soul has made a choice before “we” are aware of it. This is an example of someone who has chosen to fast-forward their timelines by…making a decision. When our soul does this, God will move the mosaic of life that we all live in around OUR NEW TIMELINE relative to OUR DESTINY. People who are inactive / live in fear, WILL NOT EVEN NOTICE.

There will be a very visceral sense of being in a void space – there is no other way to explain it. Even while we make decisions left and right. EVEN – if our soul has ALREADY made a decision, but our mind is lagging behind with fear and the inclination toward an opposite choice (aka the person who felt pressure to fit into society, get married to the wrong “right” person, etc.)…we have already entered the void. And it will only be a matter of time before God presents to us FATED EVENTS in the form of people and opportunities and experiences that align THE MIND WITH THE SOUL. Every tangible first began AS AN INTANGIBLE.

Fast-forward your timelines by making a decision.