Scheduling Holiday Pop-Up for Former Clients – plus a few updates

I am scheduling limited slots for my Holiday Pop-Up in November and December which includes a luxury hotel stay. This offer is for former clients only. Leave a voicemail at 917.985.1221

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In lieu of all sorts of censorship, Substack has been a great platform to get around that. As I’ve mentioned to some of you, I have award-winning friends in the literary field who have effectively been “canceled” by woke institutions…when you go woke though, you go broke – and now alternative platforms that support free speech are taking over. It’s never been a more important or exciting time to be a writer as the landscape is changing monumentally.

For all of us, the changes of the last couple years still remain to be measured and understood. I have clients from the distant past coming around and asking for time with me; it’s fascinating, as someone who worked with thousands of people in New York City, to learn about their trajectory shifts – internally and externally in new locations.

Last Summer I wrote an article called “You can change at any time“…I’ve seen people make the most incredible leaps since then. Everything we see around us comes from a set of beliefs – and it can be hard to realize that…none of them any longer work. Change is supposed to be painful so that you know what to do differently, and think differently, to have the life God designed for you to have. Though the process incremental, the over-arching thought can be immediate: you can change at any time. If there is anything the last two and a half years taught us, it is where our blindspots are.

It became apparent to me, over these last two years, how much I’d focused on this (Healing Elaine®) practice and placed it above other things in my life. They say that to be excellent at something, you need to be obsessed with it in a way others can’t understand – this describes how I’ve felt about HE®. With that said, I’ve had to learn how to build a life around that again as it dominated my whole life for such a long time. I share this as one blindspot I uncovered over the last two and a half years. And when we discover such a thing, our life needs to be taken apart in little pieces and reassembled…differently. Regardless of life’s purpose in my case, I think we are all doing some of this or being called to do some of this.

I look forward to hearing from some of you from long ago – I never forget a session. 917.985.1221

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