Healing Elaine’s “Holiday Help” pop-up

photo by Jennifer Santaniello

the astrology and numerology of the end of this month, just before full-on Mercury Retrograde, is remarkable in terms of sail winds for change! personally, I am taking full advantage of this weather.

also personally, I’ve already had an amazing start to the holiday season. it wasn’t always that way for me. many people get worked up around the holidays. for many reasons. this time of year also fans the flames of cases of personality disorders and mental illness. this week alone, I’ve counseled folks around the clock about family/holidays/change in general. I was speaking today with someone I had a session with after my “last call for one-on-ones” announcement over the summer, and I told him I felt like I HAD to do a “pop-up”, in the name of the 2017 Holidays, before everything changes for me in 2018.

so, here it is:

I am offering a few 90-minute (abbreviated, not my traditional one-on-one format) sessions, each followed by a classic Healing Elaine 90-minute remote session + extra info. please call the business line at 646 470 1178 and leave a message specifically stating that you are interested in the “Holiday Help” pop-up. 

I am not mandating reading for these in advance, but it is HIGHLY suggested that you check out my traditional one-on-one session pre req reading so that you can really take advantage of the session.

as always, please read my About and Bio sections IN FULL before calling.



what I am Thankful for (in particular)

photo by my friend, who I met via my work, who I am VERY grateful for, Jennifer Santaniello (I am also very grateful for the sherry that I was drinking in this photo, it was flocking delicious!)

yes I am thankful for many things. even on the days when I feel like I don’t want to wake up and face the world, because deep down I know I’m in some sort of momentary process for whatever reason. but in particular…

I am thankful for the souls who have come through my practice. with my one-on-ones, the relationships that developed out of them have been…out of this world. the hardest thing for me to do was stop my consistent one-on-ones, because each was SO RICH of heart and soul. nearly every single session was feeling like the best person I had ever met. I never in my life knew that there could be so many shades of genuine *goodness* and TRUTH and talent in so many people — Unicorns, in fact, like me. people who maybe excelled in business or another part of life, but still just didn’t necessarily fit the “norm”. many whom, like me, suffered unthinkable traumas and injustices that the world will never hear of, but who have soldiered on with heads held high, intent on bettering themselves each and every day. that’s the thing about warriors — they have the most battle wounds, the most scars, but they carry on…often more focused on lifting the burden of others than their own healing.

in the summer of this past year, I was feeling like everyone I ever needed to meet to launch some significant enterprises that I had been manifesting over the past 5 years had already come my way. this is when I was paired with some major change and also some big personal internal realizations. I knew, in my gut, that “all of my people were here”. I’ve already written about this in my army of light post. in this month of November, I have begun to understand exactly which roles everyone will fulfill, as it relates to their soul’s purpose, mine, and the tangible ventures and movement that Healing Elaine birthed. it is mind-blowing, though it shouldn’t be due to my very palpable LOA and conscious manifestation understanding, how everything is about to perfectly fit together.

as everything starts to fit perfectly together, there is always a storm of release. emotional, psychological, etc. it is how we grow. or it is how we DON’T grow (i.e. people who never move beyond their own thoughts and beliefs and therefore resent the “success” of others). when we grow, we die. we die a million deaths if we are truly on a path to our own highest being and living. I’ve had (and reached the end of) many of my personal storms. after an entire year of a draining audit (apparently spending nearly all of one’s income on healing stones is not understood well by the “powers that be”), that has finally just come to an end. paired with lovely (sarcasm) logistical blocks that I previously had no control over having lifted or moved, which were clearly there energetically to “keep me at bay” (i.e. force me to focus present-tense, present-tense — timing and lessons!) before progressing as well. what has also come to an end is the type of person I used to hire to “assist” me. slash fuck up all of my shit in life. and now, there are all of these powerful and insightful people/women before me — women who came to me to help them, and who now, somehow, fit into this much bigger picture of consciousness and evolution…which is the spore and children of Healing Elaine.

I can’t really put into words how incredible the tribe is that has come through Healing Elaine. before I came out of the closet with this in 2011, I really did not know this caliber of human existed. they are not like the humans we read about in the every day news. these are incredible, honorable, true people. people who accept and live in truth at all costs. they are our future and I knew it from the day I opened my Healing Elaine doors. I knew I was assembling an enterprise without even trying. the (mostly women) people I have worked with, this year in particular, are what I am most thankful for at this time. despite a few dark lessons thrown into the mix every year or so, my patient base has only increased with true soul and sincerity and mindfulness as time has gone on.

right now I could not be more grateful for my tribe. I don’t even like saying “my tribe”, it sounds so cliché. but when my initiatives are launched and running, you will see what I mean. I hope to play a part in restoring humanity’s faith in other HUMANS — because I got ’em! and they will be seen and heard through their own enterprises. my desire has been to build and hire almost only from within the inside — those who came through Healing Elaine. there was once a quote in book called Living In The Light that struck me, and it struck me RIGHT before I came out of the healing closet. it said something along the lines of “everything you already need is right here” or “everything you need to earn a living is already inside of you”. I feel exactly this way, again, nearly 7 years later as I build new initiatives and companies. and with some key leaders at the top of MANY different industries. I’m on the cusp of all of these launches right now (and maybe some of them won’t work, and I don’t care, because some of them will, and that is what actually exists) and everything I need is already here, because of the incredible souls who have decided to become part of my life.

I see many people who have friends just to fill up space. or they have clients just to cash checks. or they have spouses just to sleep next to a body. none of that is anything I ever wanted. none of that is anything that would have made me feel good. and I spent a LOT of time alone. deciding what I DID want. what I needed to do to get those things, or have those people in my life. my early life and my now-life are absolutely night and day in terms of the love, support and genuine true care that exists for me. no matter how long I have known someone, those around me now almost know me as well as I know myself. even if there is a boundary due to our having worked together. and there may always be a boundary there. but, there is nothing better than a business relationship turned friendship. very rarely does it work the other way around anyhow.

thank you, so much, each and every one of you I have worked with who is so super close to my heart. I have a real family. lately I can feel the love on a level that I used to be too scared to even look at. learning to accept and feel love for mySELF has been hands-down the hardest thing for me to learn. I’m working on it. this doesn’t mean I don’t know my worth. because I certainly do. but it means that I need to learn how to accept love, which is different. the unconditional love that has been exchanged as a result of the deepest and most meaningful conversations (usually when I am helping someone over the phone, after we have spent hours together) has become more and more apparent to me as of late. and that was not something that was so super accessible to me in the past. my first experiences on this planet were glaring, angry and volatile eyes and I’ve spent my entire life chemically expecting that so that my adrenals can keep me “safe”. breaking through to the other side of that, and then receiving what I could feel for myself, has been nothing short of miraculous. and if that sounds dramatic, think about how far the brain has to come to re-organize/heal itself around ptsd and military style psychological conditioning to operate one way and one way only.

a therapist once said to me that I was so hungry and starving for love, that even the most basic of gestures would cause me to pedestal someone even if they were a maniac or abusive. she was right. I didn’t know what love let alone unconditional love felt like. so you can imagine the cast of characters I met over the years, lol. to go from that, to over a decade later where I am in a sea of pure love, encouragement and support is just a dream come true. this might sound like an exaggeration unless you have walked in the shoes I am writing from. and/but the sweetest part of a bittersweet life is the fact that there is a second part (sweet) to the first part (bitter). so thank you to you who are SO WHOLE and unconditional and who invite me to dinners, parties, holiday events, family events, shows and beyond (even if I don’t/can’t go!!). who knew you people existed in both caliber and number!?

what I want to say is 1) THANK YOU, thank you for those I have seen and worked with you know who you are!! I hope!!, just for existing. that’s it. thank you for taking up the same air as me on this planet. I’m so happy to share oxygen with you. and nothing more. the gratitude is huge for that alone, just knowing that you are alive. 2) THANK YOU, for not only your gratitude for what I am able to do with a session, but for *SEEING* ME and being grateful. 3) THANK YOU, especially to those of you who have put your heart and words on the line — most especially to those who have recorded a video testimonial (endless thanks to that, and there will be priorities to you for anything upcoming that I can possibly include you in with future endeavors) or taken the time to write a review. when I began doing this work, and people were getting pregnant “out of nowhere” or other “unbelievable” stuff was happening, I KNEW I needed to document it for later. and many of those documentations are still to come. so that I would/will not just be a “oh congratulations you’re pretty and you causally just want to market a healing business but really you’re just pretty and that’s it” woman. my greatest initial fear by the way. and to that note, 4) THANK YOU to the incredible women who are top in their field in finance or law who are insisting that I brand commercially while still keeping my 100% focus and integrity of what it is I ACTUALLY DO, and thank you for taking palpable steps to support me and put your name out there to validate me and our work together! thank you for offering me support with no strings attached, and thank you for not making me feel owned (the only experience I ever had in life, the hardest part of my expanding my biz, was the fact that nothing was EVER done without a price — emotional, psychological or otherwise). thank you for being part of the place I am in where I have tapped into my trust and I am 100% willing to be burned versus being 50% present and therefore attracting the wrong people. 5) THANK YOU for each of you who I have spent hours on the phone with post-session, because you are really dedicated to doing “the work”, and for being vulnerable with me and letting me be vulnerable as fuck with you so that I could help you. thank you for that level of shared vulnerability and trust. 6) THANK YOU God, for washing out the oldest, formative, carnal and only patterns I had known up until I began this practice, which were built upon duplicity and fear. nearly every single soul who has come my way via Healing Elaine has reinforced what my deepest core has always known — the opposite of fear. 7) THANK YOU for seeing me as more than a healer, but as a person. a real person who can be “both” in this life (so sick of this “either-or shit”), without a dangerous pedestal that could be knocked over. thanks for being real like me, keeping it real, and simply seeing face value in me because you are willing to love yourself. 8) THANK YOU, so many of you, for already being part of the future and what I am creating, by virtue of the simple fact that you match everything that is true and sustainable because you are following your callings — whether you are in the most regulated environment, or not.

I could go on and on. and the past few months have been very hard for me, simply because I’m busting through a pregnancy of creation. and with that a lot of shit is flying out of my windows to make room for the new. and through it all, there are literally hundreds of you I can simply think of and smile — knowing how deeply we each touched each others lives (even at the most nascent stages). so thank you for that. we are truly entering the most spaciously available time of manifestation of our lives, and I am over the moon with the support (logistical and otherwise) I have, thanks to you, to make personal and collective dreams come true. I am so thankful for you people. the honor of healing so many of you has healed my life too.



Healing Elaine®’s TEM®: The Energy Mavericks™

logo by Shamona Stokes; photo by Anita Saini

TEM®: The Energy Mavericks™

Intuitive advising & healing for small & medium-sized businesses, & Fortune 500-1000 companies in 3 steps

The Energy Mavericks™ (TEM®) is my first more public program by Healing Elaine®, targeted to increase efficacy and bottom line revenue for small, medium & Fortune 500-1000 businesses of all kinds via intuitive advising & healing. This program is also especially effective for auction houses, retail spaces, entertainment and hospitality venues in which there is a lot of foot traffic or virtual human footprint; just because we can’t see it, doesn’t mean it isn’t there. specific case studies and testimonials coming soon

TEM® advises for and heals businesses of any size in 3 simple and important steps:

1) Advising: employees – should they stay or should they go? I will walk through your list of questionables, help you understand the energy of each person as they relate directly to your business and to your staff as a whole. I can literally look at someone’s *birthname and tell you exactly what their energy is and what they bring to the table. This type of advisory work is something I have done for over 2,000 individuals on corporate (relative to their dealings with individuals both senior and junior to them), interpersonal and general relationships baseis. Through the above, I help you to increase efficacy and output (revenue).

2) Clearing: all objects contain an energetic frequency. For the same reason you would throw out an old shirt or couch that reminds you of a negative or outworn person or experience, the same should be said for objects that clutter your income-generating physical space. I will look at each object, and the position/organization of such. We will discard, bury (hey, sometimes we need to bury things right back into the earth or throw them in the ocean to transmute their energy!), burn (enough said) or re-position objects in order to maximize the flow of each object as they work with the tangible and intangible meridian lines of energy running all throughout your space (similar to how cell phones and computers transmit signals — so do non-electronic 3D objects via their energy signature). I will make suggestions for EMF (electromagnetic frequency) blockers to assist the mood and overall health and well-being of you and your employees. I will also look at lighting, color and general decor that pertains to the so-called feng shui (open, unobstructed flow of energy) of the physical space that is tied to your abundance in this life. This clearing will increase the energetic flow that will impact the mood and performance of your staff/employees, resulting in increased efficacy and output.

3) Blessing: the sum frequency or emotion (energy in motion) of any space is a combination of the people and objects in it — as well as the people and objects who were in it. Past or present, your space deserves a blessing that will impact everyone and everything in it. I work in a non-denominational capacity, and my focus is transmuting dense or dark energy. After taking steps 1) and 2) above, a blessing reinforces such work. I will work with ionizing (essentially separating like oil and water what does and what does NOT work — so don’t be afraid if someone abruptly quits the next day, as I will explain all of the potential responses to our work). I will suggest actual ionizing materials that transmit certain signals (did you know that we each have quartz in our cell phones and computers, which transmit signals?) around your physical space. I will also burn things in the space that are aligned with the desire to ionize. You might think of 3) similar to what an exterminator does on a pest control run. There are all kinds of pests, tangible and intangible, created by emotions and consciousnesses. This blessing is the sealant, so-to-speak, of 1) and 2). This blessing will create the greatest sustainable impact possible from 1) and 2).

For inquiries, please first read my Bio, About and Testimonials sections on my website. Then, please call 917-985-1221 and leave a message stating you are interested specifically in my TEM® service.





photo by Pia Oyarzun for Forbes Magazine

3/15/20 update: current / upcoming workshop link here

all workshops will follow the same format as my former and traditional one-on-one sessions, in that there will be required reading before each one – Power Versus Force by Hawkins, and Dancing The Dream by Sams. the themes and structure of my one-on-one sessions will make up the entirety of my workshops, they will just be tweaked (and customized each time) to accommodate more than one person. booking a workshop protocol will exactly follow the same format that is written in the About section as well as my post on How To Book A Session. this applies across the board, to public figures as well.

my first series of workshops was based on fertility, and those facing fertility challenges. Elaine’s Fertility Circles will take place in NYC and Los Angeles initially. my second series of workshops were and are general workshops. please read here a recent testimonial on a workshop experience (***2020 update: Yelp took out all of my pages, and hundreds of reviews. I am handling this legally and otherwise, right now). in lieu, please see my Testimonials section, as well as my google reviews and YouTube testimonials.

to inquire about upcoming ongoing fertility workshops such as this recent one in particular linked here from September 2017, and general workshops, please read my About section and How To Book (all protocol applies to workshops as well, just please note “workshop” in your voicemail, as well as the other requirements to book) in advance. I will also write an updated blog post about each and every upcoming workshop.


Healing Elaine’s modality for Wall Street (and a few other things)

photo by Pia Oyarzun

things are changing. yes, that is a very broad statement. interpret it as you will pertaining to the title of this blog post.

for years, I have attracted key leaders in finance to my work. I have also, of course, and conversely, attracted occupy wall street leaders to my work. and at the end of the day, what matters most is how well each person is in alignment with their core — and with those I work with, their core is: their desire to contribute to society on a larger scale than they have been programmed with or have thought they are capable of contributing from. what I have also found through my work, spanning ALL industries, and ALL sides of politics, is that every single one of us actually wants the same things in life. we just go about expressing them very differently, based on our very diverse backgrounds and life experiences. and what I have found with my key leaders in finance, in particular but in addition to the same who oppose wall street, is that they want to leverage their “leverage” in their particular business to help others. each of them wants to heal themselves, those around them, and the entire planet. this desire in others which I encounter, repeatedly via my work, is not on par with any one particular industry, rather it is on par with the type of individual whom I attract to my work. my work spans all demographics. and it has been a long time coming to bring my modality specifically to wall street and finance across the board.

timing is everything. indeed. while there have been a variety of different “offers” from different people over the years, who have said “but Elaine, why do you not monetize what you do in xyz capacity? you could do so well – you could make millions”, it was first and foremost never about that for me. there have been months, even after my successful public launch years ago, that I was nearly late on rent because I declined “opportunities” that did not feel in alignment in some way. that does not mean that there was judgement on the opportunity itself, but rather the overall picture that said to me “PAUSE”. and when I hear that word “PAUSE”, I listen. every. single. time. it is what has carried me so deeply into the wonderful trenches of my work and ability to reach those who WANT to be reached. reached with truth. and believe me, truth is the HARDEST thing for a person to hear. that statement itself is an absolute rabbit hole and I will not make it part of this post. but for the sake of relativity, consider for a moment how hard truth is to hear. real truth. not the kind that we want to believe. not “our” truth, but rather “THE” truth. only truth is the KEY to healing and transcending. ok this is getting abstract so I’ll stop there.

over the last year, since summer of 2016 specifically (4th of July was a majorly stuck and depressive day for me because I was supposed to be expanding and could not “hear” how), I was hit with the message to expand. I kept looking up and saying/asking “how? who? what? what I am doing is working just fine! but, I feel so…stuck”. so I did the only thing I knew how at the time — I tried to mix it up with new people, hire various people for various things to bring in new energy, open myself more to press (I was previously extremely closed, far more so than I have been recently), and so on. I made some excellent hires on contract in 2016 which were wonderful but phased out. and I made some super bad judgement calls with character and hired some horrendous people throughout 2017. that “cost” me upwards of 100k. I do not consider those mistakes. there is no such thing as a mistake. I learned so much. I learned what not to do. I learned what signs I needed to avoid before I unleashed my biggest and brightest ideas so that they had less of a chance of being squashed or negatively impacted (and the truth is, there will always be some rotten apple trying to spoil the bunch of sweet healthy apples, no matter what the idea or initiative is). and I realized that the wash of 2017 in many respects (despite it being my absolute best and most fulfilling year working as a HEALER and advisor – I met the BEST patients!) was setting me up for major new beginnings. all of the horrible experiences that I’ve had with people, this year in particular, keep refining my ability to get more narrow as I make new exciting things of mine vulnerable to the world. after the series of bad experiences this year, I got even clearer and more ready to expose and unleash initiatives that were planning themselves via my work since about 2012. and as of 11:11, yesterday, I got the green light from the Universe — from my “guides”, so to speak, to move ahead with a number of my initiatives that are ready to rock: one of them being my wall street and financial services initiative.

going back to the people who want to do good. the people who are top-level executives on wall street and beyond in the financial services industry. because this is more expansive than just the banks. it extends to people who manage things and can sprinkle their intentions of well-wishes and goodness and truth and what is “right” on all that they are near because they are in alignment. and if you have not noticed, in the news, shit is floating. that part I have been writing about for years. and in tandem with shit floating, arises new opportunities for people to have the courage to buck the system, to do well, to incentivize toward healing and cathartic projects. for example: positive change in climate, environment, healthcare, medicine and more. it has also been my prediction for some time that due to all of the changes we have seen, particularly in the last fiscal year when I stated repeatedly that DT would win the election (purely a gut feeling) and hardly any of my friends believed me, that an avalanche of change (we can see that as either good OR bad, depending on our lens and the issue at hand) was upon us. we are now IN that avalanche. and when timing is everything, and there are people who have the ability to navigate and make certain waters more malleable along the lines of the destruction of what we do NOT want, we can CREATE. resources can flow differently. individual and collective resources — both tangible and intangible — can be redirected into alignment. take that as you will.

there is healing needed everywhere. but when we think of healing, we often tend to focus on the obvious: cancer patients in hospitals. animals. the environment. but, what about the energies that facilitate energy around the obvious? what about the individuals on wall street, in finance, or the notion of wall street or finance as a whole? what about individual lives and well-being cultivated to help people maximize their intended efforts for good? what about the power of their potential alignment (my personal definition: when thoughts = feelings = words = actions)? I see many people damning finance and politics as a whole, depending upon their “position” in this life, but where is healing supposed to actually come from if we can not get behind the individuals who have the ability to create change within the arenas we all desire for it to exist? change is created based on where we place our energy. and for everyone who hated a certain individual who is now in office SO much, and focused on that SO much, well, where attention goes energy flows. and that is my point here. we get what we focus on. whether it is “good”, or “bad”. this is the most basic law of attraction. what do we want? what do we want to focus on and why? how will that achieve what we ALL want, regardless of our walk in life? we need to think differently about how and why and where we focus our energy. because we all want the same thing, actually, at the end of the ego lens. what if by creating healing and alignment in every single industry on our planet, especially an industry which controls much of the planet’s wealth, the butterfly effect of such became palpable and obvious? as Pollyanna as this sounds, mark my words right now in terms of how possible I know this is. there are multiple revolutions happening as we currently sit with our heads shaking or spinning. jump in!

there are incredible people out there, right now, in positions that can facilitate what we EACH want. in industries that many do not understand because they are not in them. there are incredible people destined to be change-makers. and I have met them. and I continue to meet them. and they are primed and ready to create healing and awareness from their personal posts in life. many of them are on wall street. some of them are in government. and many of them are of the opposite (students, artists, unemployed and hungry). and ironically, it’s like they all have the same pair of eyes in the world views they have shared with me. they have vision. they are the change-makers we will all see take action.

so, my program. well, first off, it’s a trade secret. but I will reveal more once it is up and running in its first position. I am working on various logistical nitty gritty associated with such as I type. this week I am presenting my business plan to interested key individuals who have wanted to start or ambassador businesses or initiatives with me based on our work together alone. this aligns my traditional (one-on-one) work with individuals, with that of entire firms and specific teams within each. also, I know I always blog about many of my updates like this in a cagey way as I’ve done throughout this post, but I like to time-stamp everything even if I can not yet discuss all of the particulars. and, I like to inspire the notion of change that is coming for all of us in the best of ways (even when the change looks horrible) as soon as possible. and, when I write it down, I must complete it. so there is that. so just like my pop-ups, stay tuned for updates on this larger and different initiative.

with the right intentions, and the right energy (if you want to go more scientific on this, check out my pre req book power versus force by Hawkins, it’s super sciencey for your skeptics out there), one person can positively transmute the (what we commonly perceive to be negative) energy of thousands. we live in the every day opportunity to ionize or be ionized at any time, depending on our thoughts, feelings, words and actions — in addition to our innate or intrinsic electromagnetic human frequency. imagine what this notion could look like on wall street. or in the white house. or anywhere. and the potential ripple effect. imagine what we can create when we each begin with ourselves. imagine what we can create when we begin to look at abundance and resources differently and drop boxes and labels in life.

the possibilities are endless. and I can not wait to begin this program on wall street.


Healing Elaine® Event: Saturday November 18th, 2017 3pm-10pm NYC (with a NEW MOON IN SCORPIO!)

photo by Pia Oyarzun

here here. we have another one! the October 28th event was so all-around great, it must be repeated. the group will still be small.

it will follow the same format as the last one. it will again take place in a private unique townhouse with vibroacoustic sound healing beds used by holistic doctors and practitioners with the entire space being HIPPA protected. I will offer a special rate for anyone I have already worked with in the past, in any capacity (including the last event), with the guarantee for securing a space pending organization of a very specific group. please read all of the details in the attached post link re: October 28th at the bottom of this page before inquiring.

as always, I create a specific collective group consciousness energy based off of each individual consciousness. this is key.

the last event was full in 48 hours and there were many calls that I was not able to return.

you can read here (as well as in the copy I pasted below) what the lovely Shamona had to say about the last event  — by the way, it was my first time meeting her and she herself is absolutely as lovely as her testimonial is on me/the event:

Shamona S.


I was fortunate enough to be a participant in Elaine’s first public workshop this past weekend. My intuition led me to her work in 2016 and I had a strong feeling that I’d get to work with her one day. I’d never met Elaine before, but could tell from her materials that she was a person that was deeply committed to her practice and of high integrity. The work that she does is a natural born gift and she’s very much ahead of the curve when it comes to intuitive medicine & healing.

A year ago, I’d begun a very rapid awakening process. I’ve worked very hard over the past year to reacclimate & release several stubborn blocks (energetically, physiologically, & emotionally), but some things are just too deep rooted and require more attention. So I was very excited to attend the workshop and get some answers to my many questions.

The night before the event, Elaine told us to be aware of our bodies and any feelings that may come up. Sure enough, as I was falling asleep I could feel strong pulses of energy in my heart region and pulses of tingles running down my leg.

When I arrived at the workshop, I was impressed by the beautiful location. The space was equipped with state-of-the-art vibroacoustic liquid sound tables that we could use as we pleased for breaks during the 7-hour duration of the Q+A. They were heavenly to lay on and offered moments of healing and zen. There were about 9 other participants, all very nice and normal human beings. There were no tie-dyed hemp pants or weirdos to be seen 🙂 We enjoyed a very lengthy and intensive conversation with Elaine, talking about her process, our blocks & ways to relieve them, among many other topics. She has a way of seeing into you-to help unfurl the knots that you’ve been carrying your whole life. There are amazingly talented people who do this work and ones that aren’t so good. Elaine is the real deal and if you’ve been carrying around pain or something heavy, she will help you to see it and make it lighter.

Seeing is believing and I believe fully in first-hand experience… If you have any doubts about this type of work, you will FEEL it once you work with her. The morning after our session I felt energized with a refined focus to accomplish my goals.

I’m excited to see how her practice grows as she shines a light on the validity & importance on this kind of work. Alternative medicines like this coupled with traditional medicine can be life savers to those suffering from chronic pain, depression, PTSD, just to name just a few. Come with an open mind.

~ Shamona

we go through, to come out.


11:11 portal weekend pop-up

dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

I have just returned from a fun creative project upstate. during my time up there, I absolutely experienced time stand still. it was trippy. but it was not my first experience with this (um, it’s why I consistently go upstate actually! – to this one area). my good friend and talented photographer slash art therapist Jennifer was with me to capture our experiences through her photography (reference above cell phone teaser pic as we went into other time periods for fun), and she noted the freezing of time that we were in. this happens a lot during my individual sessions, either in a slow motion or fast-forward experience. someone will say “how did 7 hours just go by!?! no, really? how?” or “how have we only been talking for one hour? it feels like 7”. and then the next day, they feel as though we have known each other for years. or as if the session was a “dream”.  it also often happens after we leave a particular location that strongly holds its own consistent and dominant frequency, with the aid of being sequestered by nature or something else that is particularly ionizing, that somehow takes over our consciously linear experience of “time” — and we may feel like “did that happen? were we there? did we meet that person for real?” — this is what Jennifer felt after our photoshoot the following day while I was still at the location. and now that I am back, I feel it too. as you may have heard already, there is no such thing as time and space (physics, astrophysics).

anyhoo, this weekend we have an amazing portal ahead of us. it is one of my favorite dates on our annual calendar: 11:11. the numerical consistency (which I have posted about previously in terms of portals and wormholes) offers us much opportunity to transcend timelines and our linear consciousness associated with them — making it, in my personal and observational experience, much easier and more exciting to transcend belief systems/trauma/stuckness. I typically use this date or similar dates of alignment to do some major intention setting and so forth. what we have in this numerical alignment is an opportunity. I’ll leave it there for now as this is a rabbit hole topic to elaborate on later or as I already have in other posts.

so, in honor of this special weekend, I will be scheduling just one pop-up session. if you 1) are interested in portals and timelines 2) have read my pre-session and workshop requirement books 3) are very familiar with what I do 4) feel it would be EXACTLY the right “time” (ha) to meet me and work together, please leave a voicemail on 646 470 1178 and indicate that you would like to work together this weekend. as you may have read, I have ceased all one-on-one sessions. there will be rare occasions such as this when I open that window for a specific reason (or date). now, in all fairness I do have about 100 voicemails sitting in my inbox that I have not yet been able to listen to, and I will get to those over time and soonest. that said, the focus of this weekend and my fascination with the numerology of the calendar is prompting me to seek a particular person and session to work with. so even if you have already left a message, if you are particularly interested in the above notion, feel free to leave a second message following all of the instructions. or feel free to leave your first message. as always with my work, it’s got to be the perfect time/person/etc to produce a smash hit transformation (which is typically eventual, p.s.).

on a related (but different from the specifics in this post regarding portals and opportunity) note, please enjoy this Neil deGrasse Tyson video in which he discusses wormholes and blackholes.