The Healing Elaine® Movement: What happens when corporate executives “throw out logic”?

logo by Shamona Stokes

the greatest thinkers in the world possess the one quality that allows them to be the greatest thinkers as evidenced by their achievement: vulnerability. I’ve written an entire post about vulnerability. when we “throw out logic”, we risk sounding stupid. we risk judgement. we face fear…we become – VULNERABLE.

in the corporate world, many fear being themselves. they follow orders, fear not fitting in, focus on climbing that corporate “ladder” of acceptance…but what if corporate executives were to throw out logic? if you are a C-suite, you probably got there by throwing out logic. now what about everyone else?

those of us who succeed in life were/are simply willing to do one thing, and one thing especially, which is something that those who will not succeed in life refuse to do: throw out logic aka FEAR – and the only way to do that is become fully vulnerable.

below is an excerpt from my Healing Elaine® Movement, as shared by a key C-suite for a leading global brand; for more info, please visit: /2018/03/29/the-healing-elaine-movement-bridging-the-gap-between-medical-spiritual-via-multimedia/