Healing Elaine® pricing and protocol

although I have very clearly outlined my process in my Contact/About section, I would like to state a few particulars – again. p.s. — this may sound like a rant, but it’s not. it’s me being as clear and direct as possible — with a smile, which unfortunately you can’t see!

my work and my process are like none other. they eclipse time and space. they offer a third language which, I know of no one else who teaches. everything that I do is based off of thousands of sessions and the science that has come from them. while it is IMPOSSIBLE to quantify on an hourly basis what I offer (and you would have to have already had a session to even begin to understand this), I try.

as my work has grown, my fees have grown – that’s how it works. if you are looking for an inexpensive therapist, find one. I am not obligated to everyone, and I also do not care how much someone offers to spend with me (and they have) — I will NOT take the wrong session for 1 billion dollars. that is right. I can not be bought. please reach out only after following my entire protocol — reading all of the books cover to cover and knowing my process inside and out. there is nothing that can get me to compromise the way that I work. I rather suffer logistically than spiritually.

in the past and in the present, I have made special concessions in special circumstances for students and the like — this does not mean, however, that I completely eradicate how I work/my process and accept “donations”. this just is not what I do/offer. and like I said, there are plenty of other “healers” and therapists out there to choose from. when something is meant to be, it is meant to be. with that said, when I DO make a special offer to someone (it could be because of a holiday offering, a locals community offering or something else) the offer is NOT eternal. someone doesn’t get to call me months later and say “you promised xyx”. please do not do that.

I do not have an admin respond to my calls because I need to feel the person’s energy. I work truly blindly (I don’t want to know your full name, what you do for work, or why you are calling — until after we meet and I share with you a bunch of information). I also do not call everyone back and as I have stated this is not a reflection of someone’s personal value — at all. I don’t need to explain my internal process or trade secrets to anyone and if it doesn’t make sense to you at all then it is NOT the right session/experience for you in the first place.

if I have offered you something at one point in time, or if I offer you something in the future, that is a complete concession to my fee structure, then it is for that time only. please do not be disappointed if/when I am tied up days, weeks or months (sometimes years in some expectant cases) later. poor boundaries are a huge red flag to me and I will close the door on them.

the BIGGEST lesson that I have learned these last four years during my censorship trauma is that I am more valuable than I had ever realized. my work is more valuable than I had ever realized. there will always be crazy people with agenda out there who are looking to NOT HEAL, and see someone like me — so that they can complain they weren’t helped, and maybe get something additional out of complaining (please don’t try this with me). I have however been able to better suss out those folks over the years, and thankfully have only attracted one of them in the last while. there are ALWAYS lessons in those experiences for me — energetic and unconscious — which I learn from and then impart onto others.

the bare minimum of time that I can honorably work with someone to see them through to the other side of understanding a LIFETIME of issues or trauma is 10 hours. this is actually unheard of. therefore I have made exceptions to working in this limited amount of time, for people who can not or will not agree to my fees which ideally encompass a 20-40 hour working period of time. this is just what it takes to create a 180 degree turn. no matter how many times I have made exceptions for people and said “ok, we can just do a few hours…” the desire/requirement is ALWAYS for more – we simply open Pandora’s box. I learned this during my very early days, ten years ago, when I offered 2-3 hour sessions…I ended up following up — pro bono — for MONTHS on end. very few people in my position would ever do that, and I learned a lot of hard lessons around it. if you do not understand the nature of what I am talking about here, then you do NOT understand my work at all and you have not read my blog or my pre requisites as I request; and, that is ok — but do the diligence so that it makes sense.

quite frankly, my blog being a free resource right now (which many have tried to mimic and write about as their “own” ideas) is a gift. I don’t need to make it so accessible, but I do. I do this because there are many whom I will never meet and, pending censorship matters, whom I hope benefit from it. it’s not for those who don’t resonate with it — it is for those who resonate with it. take advantage of reading it — which could take months to get through — as well as my eBooklets. it’s basically a free course (the blog). I don’t know how long I will keep it this way pending what happens next as I am in the middle of a major personal shift right now (aren’t we all!).

to be totally honest, there are many times when I have said “I will never do another session again” because they are that all encompassing for me. for a time, I thought God was asking me to PLEASE stop, because of the toll my work was taking. I thought the censorship was the “punishment”; however, it wasn’t and I LOVE my work more than anything… there just must be limitations. you will not find another person who does what I do – period. I know this with my breath. and with that said, you must PREPARE if you resonate with me and do the work that comes with it. many of the people I have worked with (and made rare exceptions for) have read my blog for YEARS before calling me. now that’s dedication. and upon speaking, they didn’t “expect” anything from me. these are some of my favorite people, and they have often been students. I would take this ANY DAY over some billionaire who wants to throw money at me like a crackpot for a HIGH (which they know they will get by connecting with me) to take up my time and energy (you would have to see this to believe it – people try). while nothing in the material world is real, we have to live in it logistically — and balance the tangible and intangible planes…this is where it gets tricky of course.

in short, again, I can not be bought. I also will not allow myself to be taken advantage of or boundaries to be crossed (as strong as my writing is here, some people confuse my kindness for weakness…I’m soft in person, soft over the phone, and for some reason some folks see a green light where there is none). those were MY big lessons to learn these last four years, and in particular during the last fiscal year. if you are thinking about contacting me, read my entire (free) site first. perhaps you will find that you do not even need to see me in the first place. perhaps my writing is enough. you will not find anything else like it, so who knows what it will unlock for you. also in short, know that my way of working constantly evolves. if we spoke a month ago, it doesn’t mean that I am still in that space now and you will need to completely start fresh with me if we speak and see where we are at.

my brightest heart chakra moments on this planet have been spent serving the underserved — creating a voice and care for those who can not speak or care for themselves. I am working on, and have always been working toward, ways to accommodate large numbers of people or the average person on a different sort of basis than my personal 1:1 sessions. this is a HUGE undertaking with many moving parts. the censorship has made it harder/take longer. it has always been my goal to provide support to many people, but I am aware that it is ALSO NOT MY OBLIGATION.

in conclusion, there is a reason behind everything that I do. the process that I personally go through on behalf of another human being and soul is not something I can explain in writing or even in person. it has to be experienced by someone to understand it. and then they learn what is happening to them in the world, and how and why. those who know me (many without even meeting me) already understand this.

read my entire site. don’t be afraid to call. don’t expect an hour session at the rate of a personal gym trainer. do your research…and again, you may find that you don’t need me after all. or, you may find that you do — and if we are a true match then there are no obstacles. you would be surprised at who/how/why worked with me and when. our judgements reflect our own limited world view. and the offers and concessions that I make for people, I do not do so lightly. they also aren’t an eternal door of access to me.

please join my Healing Elaine® locals community where a lot of unique energy lives. I offer book club lives and the ability to correspond with other community members as well as myself. I also post videos of me talking! — so you can get a feel for me aside from my writing. this is not the space to ask questions about how my sessions work, however. most of the posts are set to private and you will have to actually subscribe and pay the monthly subscription to truly engage. I am looking for quality over quantity (I’m not a youtube personality), so the fee will go up over time — in particular when The Healing Elaine® Show episode one launches (soon). I hope to see you there.

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