what to do when you are just not like the others…and how “regular” people will always only judge / “determine” you based on your seeming external success vs. your intrinsic ability

I was recently having this conversation with someone. given their age, I was and am amazed at how astute, perceptive and truly rare their observations of humans and the human condition are. granted, they have been reading my blog for several years — but that just makes it even more interesting to talk to them. their ability to perceive and condense and present thoughts and ideas is all their own — we have simply merged on the third language that I present in my blog, my work and (I guess obviously) my life…

presenting/living in this third language in my actual LIFE has come with a great deal of wonder, pain, curiosity, confusion, excitement, opportunity, betrayal, isolation, beauty, hope, and anticipation. I’ve been quick to understand those on the so called spectrum in this life, those with special needs (non-verbal, limited use of physical), those with insane plans to which the common person will say “that could never happen”, and the mentally ill (NOT the evil — note that mental illness is often EVIL MANIFEST, masquerading as mental illness, and that is a WHOLE other blog post. read my pre req “people of the lie” to understand more on this as well as my entire blog category “evil”).

it’s a strange phenomenon to spend your entire early life around considerable mental illness that never gets any attention (because “appearances”!), yet come out in one piece. I’ve often wondered “how” I kept it together, when every single day was – in one form or another – a desperate plea to God for survival…without breaking or “splitting”. I elected no addictions, no retribution, and no harm of self other than repeating the same patterns over and over and over again — surrounding myself with what was so familiar: sick people who sought to take from me and drain the life out of me. if there was one “addiction” that I developed, had or even have (as I have been on record as saying “everyone is addicted to something”), it would be the addiction to understanding the sick of mind and soul — and helping others who spent their formative years around it with no escape but who also made it out IN ONE PIECE (while searching desperately for the soul fragments that no doubt scattered everywhere for years on end, landing in different timelines and “realities” which no doubt would need to be reassembled…welcome to collecting true unconscious debris and consolidating it with the present tense).

making it out in one piece from unthinkable experiences and trauma is uncommon. typically people will split (i.e. schizophrenia) or elect a physical addiction…when that doesn’t happen, however, one seems to become fluent in a third language. it’s the language that has made me successful, it’s the language that has ostracized me because it no doubt makes me seem different (no matter how much I would try / look “the part”), and it is the language that very innovative and otherwise unconventional people share that finds itself in a space of “you could never do that” and “that could never happen”. it is a language that paints confusion within and around the aura of said person and reflects, unbeknownst to them, to the outer world as something “other”. since they elect no addiction and they don’t fall apart at the seams, their “escape” from their early reality manifests as eccentricity — but again, without the splitting / mental illness that many carry as a consequence of damning programming that is indeed designed to break the mind and steal the soul. perhaps only *mimicking* the very mildest form of schizophrenia, this person will become both a target and an obsession of much of the world around them since human beings are OBSESSED with boxing and labeling everyone around them (also another article!).

yet the irony to the above is that PENDING the “green light” from society at large or the mainstream society, i.e. “press” / “celebrity” / fake social media attention, or pending some actual and long-awaited “success” on the material plane, suddenly said individual is “genius” or “special” or “gifted” — ALL DEPENDING UPON THEIR EXTERNAL/MATERIAL “SUCCESS”…even though they were the same person when they had no money, no home, no family, and no whatever else.

the obsession with success based on “buzz” or “popularity” or “achievement” is really a wild fable. literally nothing has changed about the person I write of here, the one who wandered around in the dark for years dreaming up their big invention or solution, while others ignored/scoffed at them because it had not yet become physically manifest. there are so many moving parts to this equation.

when we hear stories from really unique people about how they lost everyTHING and everyONE, it is God’s design to test both that person, and the world around them. the problem for “regular” people is the fact that they can’t relate to a person like this and the mind scrambles to place them — according to their EXTERNAL. a rare few — other others — will note a person’s intrinsic value, understanding that…all that ever was will be, and time is the only quotient at times, determining the outer world “value” they hold.

if you relate to being this person, or if you feel you are a fragment of this type of person, you will feel the rush of comfort reading this because it’s speaking directly to your being. it is speaking directly to the confusion and frustration around your path and your outer world “delays” (even though there is no such thing as time, … there IS). you may wonder why you can’t walk around in crappy clothes and be treated the same as if you were black tie uniform — where you come from, people see/smell/breathe value from the INSIDE out. you may live in such a depth of inside out that it compounds your day-to-day life as people respond to you based solely on your outer world appearance or decisions. you would live in this space, because this is the space that you escaped to during your darkest hours…another Universe, reserved for ideas and ambitions that don’t resonate in the basic third dimension of thought/life. and since you didn’t split into two during these times, you created. you escaped, but you…DIDN’T. you stayed tether, somehow, psychologically, whilst entering another time and space designed to create. YOU DO NOT NEED DRUGS FOR THIS SPACE OR TO ACCESS IT – you already have the God-given materials within you to access, naturally, your gifts. there is no need to “cheat” your way into this space, and that is also why it shows up in your entire auric field and confuses much of the world. you live there full-time. you don’t mix your consciousness with others’ in “ceremonies” — you don’t have to. and you don’t desire to, either — you know that your consciousness is your most precious God-given gift, and you guard it like a vowed virgin-until-marriage would guard their virginity.

at this point, if I’ve lost you, that’s ok — you don’t live in this space. that’s perfectly fine. and to be frank, I wish I didn’t live in this space. it’s complicated. but it also has its rewards (part of the point of this article). yet if given the opportunity, I would never repeat this path again. it’s painful. Elon Musk once said “Being an entrepreneur is like eating glass and staring into the abyss of death.” but I don’t think that he was talking about the mainstream entrepreneur; I think he was talking about an archetype. a misunderstood archetype. and when you are this archetype, your insane drive to complete a “mission” will eclipse all other desires. it will eclipse social “norms” (get married by this age, do this, do that, blah blah blah). you will be aware of this and wonder, sometimes, if you threw your entire life away…except you just can’t stop working toward your mission. this, indeed, is like eating glass. the people who abandon you, who misunderstand you, who refuse to help you or make you feel guilty for needing help during your mission, all of that is like eating glass. and your mission WILL be tested by the unthinkable… JUST LIKE YOUR EARLIER YEARS.

the main reason that you did not split off, psychologically, during your earlier years, is so that you could mirror that difficulty and challenge in later years and also stay in one piece. the difference is, in our early years the traumas and challenges will be different – because it is a different time. in our later years, the external world will mimic much of what we feared early on, and worse…and we will repeat (to heal) the same emotions that we had when we didn’t have control over encoding them in our dna. it is all one big test…designed to recover the many pieces of self for your mission, but no with addiction / crutches / selling out. that said, you would not be a person who ever sells out — true creators never do, and that is ALSO the fundamental difference slash challenge of such a person…others will make compromises; you will not. others will not understand this about you. it is your job to recognize that you…are not like the others and THAT IS OK.

the entire point of this article is to help you know “what to do” if you are just not like the others. I’ll make it clear that there is no heirarchy here — only regular people create such a thing. we are all different. we are archetypes of archetypes; I’m simply describing one of them. the outcome in the life of such a person, if they stay the course, is unfathomable “success” i.e. ultimately tangible creation and contribution to the world (partly God’s way of showing them that all they put in escrow was going somewhere). the material world is not real, and you know this; it’s the others who do not. so, what to “do”?

the most important thing, and the most unbelievably difficult thing to do, is understand your archetype — that you AREN’T like the others, no matter what you do. this may pain you because you are stuck in this human body — everyone wants to fit in. everyone. but being who you are, it is impossible…the biggest mistake that you can make is thinking that you are just like everyone else. initially, this will cause all kinds of feelings to come up, since you DON’T value the external world the way that others do. you DON’T believe that one person is better than the next (other, “regular” people do, and they crave the hierarchy of “us vs. them” — it gives them fake life). you may worry that your realization around who or what you are is elitist, cocky, divisive, or a number of other things that you only worry about because you see others doing (willfully and joyfully). you probably take TOO MUCH self inventory, given that you just don’t measure the world the way that our predominantly narcissistic society does — and the last thing you want to be, is like it. take solace in the fact that your awareness of any of the above is a #1 marker that you are not like what you worry about — because you don’t like it and don’t understand it in the first place. crazy people never ask if they are crazy. understanding your archetype and embracing it might be the hardest and most important thing that you can do when you are just not like the others.

the next thing to do is protect your consciousness at all costs. this means a LOT of different things. I have written about this in some of my uncording articles, so as to establish sovereign thoughts. I have spoken about it in my articles covering AI and consciousness. it is why you don’t use drugs (drugs to sleep or even medical MJ for pain etc I don’t necessarily consider as being in this category, and they are also another discussion — I am NOT anti meds or anti drugs or anti anything in general…I think that many people should have access to them, particularly the mentally ill, veterans, etc) to exploit your consciousness and gift it over to others because it is too bountiful of a burden for you to carry and not know what to do with. there are tons of ways to protect your consciousness, and you can dig around in my articles to read about them. you likely already know what I am talking about if any of this resonates anyhow.

protecting your consciousness, as described in the above and related articles in this blog, comes with new decisions at each impasse you approach on your path to a destination most will never, ever understand or fathom. this means ACTING upon your knowing of your archetype; even if mentally detaching / organizing yourself amongst the crowds / friends / etc. bridging protecting your consciousness with knowing your archetype is an incredible act of forward momentum when you are just not like the others. I’ll note AGAIN for the regular folk out there: THIS IS NOT A HIERARCHY. planet earth just has this obsession with such and I will spend the rest of my waking life trying to understand it. that’s part of my handicap, and most definitely how/where/when the world around me responds in bizarre fashion to my perhaps bizarre notion of how things should be (JUST AS THEY ARE).

the next thing that you can do, when you are just not like the others, is KNOW YOUR HANDICAPS. mine, as mentioned above, is thinking that I really am just like the others. forgetting I am an archetype for fear of ever being the ugly that I see around me — arrogance, greed, judgement. my other handicaps are forgetting or even having failed to understand and admit that people categorize others based on their EXTERNAL. when I say this is a handicap of mine, I mean it. I did not even realize until recently how clearly outlined this is in my HE® protocol: I do not want to know, logically, ANYTHING about a person when they contact me for work/consult/help. if they are famous I DO NOT WANT TO KNOW THIS. I ask for pseudonyms. I WORK BLINDLY. this speaks, to both my handicap and my “gift”. to me, it is second nature and I have many times assumed that the rest of the world just works this way. this has gotten me hurt in more ways than one, and I have to remind myself that it is a blind spot for me. the other handicap has been the emotional component that comes with finally “admitting” that you are different. for me, this brought up a lot of emotional trauma given my early life. defining this as a “thing” is something that no one else has done — except for “mental health experts” and their little dsm “criteria” created by God-only-knows like a zillion years ago, and in that case it’s actual illnesses. if this were an illness that I was speaking about, that would basically just solve everything and there would be no need for this article! the emotional contention that comes with realizing that you really don’t fit anywhere (while also somehow and very paradoxically fitting EVERYWHERE) is major. it’s not like declaring yourself something EXTERNAL, such as so “en vogue” right now. this is beyond that. it’s on a SOUL level. so far there has been no criteria to understand this. it’s like defining the race of a soul without calling it that, because that would sound silly.

the other thing that you can do, when you are just not like the others, and hopefully the above actions will get you to this point, is NEVER GIVE UP. the obstacles that will be thrown at you will NOT be made equal to your peers or “friends” and therefore they will NEVER UNDERSTAND YOURS. your test of perseverance is there to shed old traumas of being hurt and abandoned and to continue tapping into that INFINITE space (sans escapism) to continue creating what you began creating as a child. since you are connected to the infinite and the intangible, you will wonder why others don’t see what YOU see…you will feel unseen as a soul, because you do not define your worth differently pending your outer world presence. I noted a number of years ago, how DIFFERENTLY people treated me based on my external; such as when I was making more money that I could spend, such as when I was so broke I couldn’t take the metro in NYC (before my launch of Healing Elaine®), such as how I was dressed/dress at times which only feels natural to me, such as how I don’t walk with entitlement and I’ve literally been overlooked / looked at suspiciously at five star venues, and so on. when you are just not like the others, it doesn’t occur to you that your external is being “measured”; it’s like you don’t get it, lol. being judged or dismissed as I describe above should not encourage you to give up, rather it should embolden you with your knowing and connection of the infinite. what others can not see, you are building in the divine…in the ethers…which will ALWAYS become manifest — when you don’t give up.

years ago I told a “friend” that I was publishing my eBooklets. they were a regular person, but I had given them far too much credit (as I often do for others). this friend said, “what would they be about???” — I said, “well, awakening, and the tangible and intangible realms…” they said “so — WHAT WOULD THEY BE ABOUT” — in a very condescending tone. it was as if I didn’t exist, and also that my knowing was some kind of joke. this person, in retrospect, is a first class loser who literally had talent that they refused to use as they are lazy as all hell. they were simply alarmed at the audacity I had, to write about or create anything that wasn’t already tangibly successful. and it no doubt simply triggered them into recognizing their own lack of effort and drive in life. they were not “other”. they could not see what I was building, UNTIL I BUILT IT. and when I did, they wanted to be around me full-time. to pay for their dinners, to tell their friends who I was and what I did, etc. a perfect example of a regular person, masquerading with self-importance and all of the societal norms that repulse me, valuing me only based on my output. they are someone who can’t spot talent, can’t spot “other”, and someone I should always stay away from. there are a lot of these, and you must realize — if you are just not like the others — that most people can not see what they can not…see. pay attention to this — it is your compass and your guide for when all that you have created in the intangible becomes manifest. most people will be the first to “support” you when they feel the outer-world has deemed you a “success”, and they will be the first to abandon and crucify you when they feel the outer-world has rejected you (i.e. you lose everything, you have no place to live, things don’t seem to be happening for you, etc) and they want to label you. none of this is personal, by the way — it’s a compass to let you know what your archetype is, how to separate from said sort of consciousness, and to admit how crucial this is to your journey. when you do this, your path seems to move faster and with greater ease (though there is NOTHING easy about being other).

time and space, in the case of being “other” is only congruent with the match of your consciousness to your value and truth. as many “others” will work for decades or longer on what they will bring into the world, they are plagued with delays and disappointments and “setbacks” — all to remind them of who they are, why, and to simply admit such. it seems like the moment they “admit” such, on some kind of conscious level, things…work.

I’ve said many times throughout the years and throughout different periods of my life that the phenomenon of how others judge and respond to another’s seeming “place” in the world at any given time has baffled me. it will never stop baffling me. this is my handicap; perhaps not my greatest handicap, but a handicap nonetheless. I don’t desire to fix it, only to become more aware of it.

when you are not like the others, the road is just…different. not all others are the same; some are kind, some are not, some — while confused about who you are — will accept you and some will not. admitting what you are, and what to do about that, is what you can do to bridge the gap between the day you were born and the day your purpose becomes manifest in the world in a way that nobody can unsee — for every single thing occurring between those two periods of time in your life happened to test the tethered whole of you into being what you always were and will be. being that, beyond what you create and leave as your mark in this world, is the greatest gift that you can offer the regular — it’s embodied consciousness.