Launch your (alternative/holistic/wellness) business – a Healing Elaine® service

I announced this service at the beginning of the year, and I’ve been working it out with a few folks.

I can not tell you how many (hundreds) of people have come to me over the years, quit their jobs afterward, and launched their own business – even if it was an extension of their previous job.

The first part required them to heal themselves, and the second part required them to understand how to do that for others – even in very quantitative or linear environments.

I also personally launched dozens of healers who, after meeting me, felt inspired to help others hence launch their own full-time business. I will admit that in my earlier days, I was a bit of a free-for-all. I gave ENDLESS time and energy, and did the business part pro-bono. I will not do that anymore. But, what I will do is teach you how to get to a place in which you understand energy, yourself, and have a solid base and foundation to leave your would-be life (the one your parents and society told you to have) so that you can work with others.

Some examples of businesses that I will walk you through launching — after and in addition to spending more substantial time on your own healing process — are aesthetician, acupuncturist, life coach, therapist, astrologer, healer. I have even helped lawyers and doctors break off from their larger practices and go solo — this is all about energy, folks. If you want to be an entrepreneur, and even market yourself with an esoteric twist, there are things you need to learn beyond the practical steps.

I have two ways of working with me on this: 1) if you are a former patient, we need 25 hours together 2) if you are brand new, we need 45 hours together. Former patients will get a break on the fee.

This isn’t simple work, folks. Not everyone can handle launching their own business, sticking with it, and making it successful. This is because of unresolved personal issues around healing and psychology. People think that they can put up some sort of sign (or they think that is what I did, lol) and everything will just work for them – it won’t. The levels and layers of energy in our intangible world as they relate to the tangible are endless. Understanding the soul, your connection to the world around you and other people takes YEARS to process and execute in terms of your own business. Most people need extensive therapy in this life.

I am interested in working with people who are ready to go FULL-TIME with their business per the above. Side hustles are meh, I suppose they are ok in the beginning, but you have to be ready to dive in 100%.

Working with me does not guarantee an endorsement of any kind. However, if we align and collaborate at some point, excellent. I’ve also sent endless referrals to many people as clients.

This will take place in Austin, Texas and it will be 1:1. At some point, I may incorporate another patient/client into the mix with us to elaborate on how intangible energy works as well as allow you to share experiences.

As always, call me and leave a voicemail at 917-985-1221.

I will share everything that I know with you, and you have to understand yourself and the world around you 100% first.

New folks: please read my About/Contact section prior to contacting me. It is ok, only in this exceptional offering, if you have not read the three books yet — they will be part of our work anyhow.

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