Laura’s Video Testimonial for Healing Elaine®

LAURA! here Laura, rockstar woman of the world, talks about our work together regarding her mystery illness.

Like so many of my sessions, my work with Laura was centered around a mystery “illness” – and undiagnosed “illness”. Man, those are my favorite to work with – I love the crime solving aspect to these cases! When I look at a person I know what they are holding in their unconscious mind and energy field, and how/why it got there – these are the puzzle pieces that DIRECTLY correlate to their “illness”.

Laura has become a friend. I met her years ago when I first came out of the closet with my public healing sessions. she is a super, super person. as a successful producer, she travels the world and has studied many therapeutic modalities. I love Laura.


Liz’s video testimonial for Healing Elaine® in New York City

Liz had a very unique experience that I would refer to as enlightenment (by way of divine intervention as experienced through unconditional love), and possibly even a walk-in soul energy braid or exchange. these are not terms I throw around lightly. this experience does not make her better than anyone else, and it doesn’t mean that everyone will have this kind of an experience either. all of our paths are timed according to divine plan. I applaud Liz for openly discussing and sharing her feelings of depression and suicide, as many people feel too much shame or fear to do so. such feelings of suicide are often indicative of a “re-birth” that can and will take place when the soul surrenders, without the physical body having to actually die. what Liz HAS done, and was willing to do, is surrender. I love her so much. her future is incredible and she didn’t even mention her burgeoning talents in the outer world that have been taking shape. I am equally grateful to have met Liz as I have had the pleasure of witnessing and learning from her on many different levels.


Samantha’s video testimonial for Healing Elaine® in New York City

what is there to say about Sam? when we met, I knew she was a future leader. many of the people I have the honor of seeing either are or will be publicly known for their soul’s purpose – and therein often lies the conundrum they find themselves internally facing. when our purpose is broad and our voice is supposed to be heard, there is often an initiation that takes place before, during and even after such purpose is actualized. there is no getting around this. everyone in history has been forced to walk their walk before talking about it. I am excited about Sam’s future and I am so grateful to know her.


booking a session with me: how

I want to briefly outline a few or more of the particulars of my session.

first, I have been trimming down the number of general public sessions I am taking because the time in each has expanded into many hours and many weeks of work. there is only so much time in a day, week or month.

second, as my session is incredibly long and always evolving, I do not work the way anyone else does. I don’t know how to. therefore this does NOT mean it is the best session for everyone. there is someone for everyone.

third, the QUANTIFIABLE TIME ONLY (my in-person session and subsequent remotes) of my session follows a very standard hourly rate. that said, I still go above and beyond the quantifiable time. in some cases, I have spent far upwards of 50 cumulative hours working with just one person (not including my hours or days of prep work, self-detox/release work and so on – related to this, please read my blog about what happens to me before/during/after a session). I do not do this work because it is a “job” or because I can earn income. I do it with intention, purpose, caution (discerning who the session is right for and when), and love. I am bringing a person into the chambers of my heart and personal life. this is why I can go far beyond the parameters or boundaries of what a medical doctor or traditional psychotherapist or the like is able to. I do not work with a stopwatch, I do not place a ton of red tape around followup correspondence, and due to such everything must line up. if you are expecting a one or two or even three hour fee for my session, you will be best suited to book something with one of my patients whom I helped and now has their own practice (listed on my social media under references or my youtube channel). alongside my trimming down of public scheduling due to the above (also, I do not take referrals, nor do I work with people who know one another, nor do I book gift certificates for a session on behalf of a third party), the amount of time that I spend with a single person has grown. it grows every few months. therefore my rates grow/have grown. which is why I do not post my general session rates on my website. however, they are the same for everyone at whichever period of time I book them. that’s just what it has been and it has worked out well for everyone – a sliding scale has never been the right thing to attempt to do, though I have done and continue to do a fair share of pro bono and volunteer work for and with exceptional cases. there are many other practitioners out there who can help someone who can not take a session with me. it is also not my responsibility to work with everyone just because I have decided to crack open my heart and mind and share it for a living.

fourth, keep in mind that it is an INTENSE session – to say the least (and has grown more intense over the last few years, and it grows and expands every couple of months). it requires patience. even for, and actually especially for, the incredibly functional and experienced psychologists/psychoanalysts/MDs etc whom I treat. and, just because you may have had reiki or “energy work” etc before, does not mean you will have a similar experience with me. I use the word “reiki” because everyone seems to be familiar with that word. what I do goes far beyond that in both conversation and actual in person work, and before and after quantifiable work on behalf of the patient. it is not something one should “try out”. at least not with me. it is usually a resounding gut feeling in the person who commits to a session with me that causes them to see me, and that is perfect because the last thing I will do is “sell” a session – in fact I’m more known to talk folks out of one. my patient Michael, who did a video testimonial for me and whom I stay friendly with and in contact with, gets a real kick out of the fact that I do anything but suggest or sell a session. he says I need a business sales manager. ha. but he understands as well as anyone I’ve seen as to why my approach is what it is. it’s not even an approach, but rather a natural and honest way of relating information to a potential patient. this type of commitment has to come fully from the potential patient. my 50% in our coming together is sniffing out whether they are right for the session, and their 50% in our coming together is sniffing out whether the time is right for the session.

fifth, how to book a session with me: if you are serious about booking a session, please read the entirety of my website. please order the prerequisite books prior to calling me. you will need to feel a connection to the material in each book. I can and will answer all of your many questions if/when we speak on the phone. intangible work and advisory work is very personal – therefore whether you want to book with me or someone else, it is important to fully research the process and understand what you are getting and why. after you have done this, please leave a simple voicemail on the business line (917) 985-1221 (current number as of March 2019) with only your first name – not your story or backstory – and the fact that you have picked up and either read or started reading all of the books. in the past, I have received so many calls (upwards of 200 per week — and what a glorious and fortunate time that was, before my website theft and subsequent shadowbanning that came for me in 2017) and with so little relative time, that I simply work with a gut intuition as to how to triage my list. it does NOT mean that one person is better than the next, or more important (I also sincerely appreciate people who actually follow my protocol and read the books in advance prior to calling – it says a lot about who would be willing to do the actual work to walk with me to change their life). everyone I communicate with is simply divine guidance/intuition on my part. if I have not called you back, it does not mean that I do not want to see you (note that it is also helpful that you read and follow my protocol if you are hoping for a callback). if you have left only one voicemail and are concerned that your message has been lost (it does happen), leave another one about one week later with, again, just your first name, phone number, and the fact that you have the books. finally, I wish I could take a session every day back to back and accommodate everyone who has ever needed help with anything — I can not and do not do so for all of the above reasons, and my health takes a hit for each session anyhow (no matter how amazing a person is). that said, my prep and release work around a session is intense. if/when we speak, please do not dive right in and tell me all about yourself or why you are calling – I can already feel and sense so, so much. please also do not ask me to cold read you over the phone. I will not, unless something is screaming at me and I am guided to do so.

after I begin tapering off the number of my standard public one-one-one sessions (September 2017) due to what I have explained above (both time increase per individual session, as well as the unfortunate difficulties I have experienced with censorship), I will be working in ways that are more supportive to large numbers of people – this includes working with people who have a large platform and affect many others (medical professionals, media, innovators, public figures, etc). I am navigating some of these ideas and paths as I type (at the end of 2017 I launched both my TEM® and PE™ services in effort to expand in new ways), and have been for some time. media will play a large role in my work, as a bridge and a platform/vessel for information that should be in everyone’s hands. as a Capricorn, everything must be in its rightful place for me to embark down these broader and more public paths 🙂

I am honored to do this work, particularly during these VERY progressive times on our planet in general, as well as in the medical/alternative medicine/unseen realms.


a take on addiction you likely have not heard before. the blessing and curse spheric energy is alive and real. mostly the blessing part.

a take on addiction you likely have not heard before. the blessing and curse spheric energy is alive and real. mostly the blessing part.

I see and treat a lot of people with addictions. not always substance or drug. gambling, eating, sex, and so on. whilst I have not experienced one of those addictions, I would say that my addiction was to knowing. to knowledge. to analytics. to FEELING BETTER through KNOWING. which I am surprised never manifested into a physical addiction. but for whatever reason it just didn’t. I joke and say that I was too broken to ever chase a high. BUT it doesn’t make me any different. or better. or evolved. or whatever. because I still fought a battle of PATTERNING – which is also the essence of addiction. so I can relate.

every time we pursue an addiction, we are seeking connection to source energy. if you haven’t noticed, we are more than physical matter. we are 3d, 4d, 5d and beyond. we get our technology from beyond. source energy is all that feeds life. it creates life. in it’s most pure state, it feels like ecstasy. it feels like unencumbered peace. orgasm. when we achieve this state through a third party activity or focus, and it encompasses us to the point where we fear never reaching that state again because it feels like breathing, we are addicted to the idea that we can not get there ON OUR OWN. and, since the natural process to reaching that path on our own would have to — for ANYBODY — be an actual spiritual awakening, that path is robbed (but also spawn!) by said substance or activity. and the labyrinth through which we inevitably have to meander without bartering with the universe becomes more foggy. it gets put on “hold” when we are in an addiction. but that labyrinth is, no matter what, the ONLY route. it is the honest route. the made route. the route with staying power of integrity. because we have done the worked and earned being there, unlike visiting via the shortcut. when our addiction creates a shortcut, the natural path is eclipsed. hidden. making our spiritual awakening that much harder than if the addiction was not in place. YET also magnifying the victory of the awakening. the pain is relevant to the imminent pleasure. it’s really all relevant. but for the purpose of this post I want to focus on the beauty and gifts that addiction can bring.

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a take on addiction


we are not attacked because we are flawed; we are attacked because we are brilliant. do you receive a polarized response from the humans you encounter? if so, they are responding to your light – not the absence of it. learn about the physics behind human behavior.

we are not attacked because we are flawed; we are attacked because we are brilliant. learn about the physics behind human behavior.

do you receive a polarized response from the humans you encounter? if so, they are responding to your light – not the absence of it.

ever since I could remember, I was a target. a scapegoat. a whipping boy. (read the definition of whipping boy!). I knew no different and it carried on throughout my entire life. for years I carried the burden of believing that there was something inherently wrong or flawed with me. so, I settled. a lot. I settled in friendships, I settled in relationships, I settled in all aspects of my life. I never felt comfortable with my “peers” and was often outcasted. or very admired. but usually outcasted and betrayed and bullied even by those I befriended when no one else wanted to have anything to do with them. I always felt the outsider.

as the years went by, in my early 20s, I began to meet people who I did not feel the outsider with. now, this didn’t make a whole lot of sense to me. because “on paper”, I had nothing to offer them. the people I felt I didn’t have to do anything other than breathe around to be accepted happened to be super accomplished individuals. famous athletes, singers, public figures of all sorts. men, women, young and old. for some ODD reason (or so I thought), I could be in a crowd of 100,000 people and these people and I would make eye contact and talk. like we knew each other forever. this felt extremely odd to me. because, if I could not fit in with my “peers” and struggled my entire life to feel “normal”, why were these very over-the-top individuals so EASY to be around? I felt normal. accepted. uplifted by their energy. I battled understanding A) why I kept drawing these people in and B) was this simply my ego, excited to spend time with well known people C) why all insecurity went out the window when I was with them. there was a drastic difference in the way I felt physiologically around “these” folks versus the ones I was “supposed” to fit in with. now, it is not to say that the ONLY folks I felt “normal” around were of this public figure variety. not at all. but there was a common denominator amongst the ones I met and how at ease I felt, every single time. I began to journal about these experiences to understand what was happening. as I spent time with these folks, I understood that they, too, felt like pariahs their entire lives! some of them didn’t get as much “hate” as I seemed to get, and some of them had very supportive and “easy” family lives, but their soul existed in a longing-for-more state. no matter how many fans or public support they received, they still felt “different”. and there were holes in their hearts. nothing could make up for this feeling or take it away. what they were indeed experiencing was a massive variance between their energy/frequency point and that of the collective norm/others. that variance created the feeling of contrast, hence the perception of extreme separation. these people were what I later considered to be “outliers”…with that, like all things, came both blessings and curses.

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Courtney’s Video Testimonial for Healing Elaine® in New York City

through my practice, I have had the absolute fortune and divine intervention to attract many powerful future healers and leaders who will publicly lead and speak on hybrid subjects of medicine/metaphysics/spirituality and extended topics. they are the new generation of the Marianne Williamson, the Eckhart Tolle, the Caroline Myss… the truth is that we are on the crest of a new wave as science, metaphysics and spirit merge. the definitions that these words have been given are broader and more relatable than we think. due to my acute awareness of “average” popular belief that the work I (and others like me) do was created in a palm tree somewhere in Malibu, creating a community of sound, educated (not that it matters, but it WILL matter to CERTAIN people – half of my patients are ivy league and some hold more than one MD and PHD) and bold leading edge presenters of ALL DIFFERENT BACKGROUNDS on these subjects is a goal that is being realized through my practice every single day. there is SO much to come and at the most exciting time, in my opinion, on this planet.

here is Courtney’s story; she started her practice just weeks after we met, and you can find her at “Healing Heart And Reiki With Courtney”. remember her.. one to watch in the future:



A Story of Uncording … as experienced by one of my patients at Healing Elaine®

[As a reminder, all of the topics and many of the excerpts listed here on my blog, fortunately, will be compiled in cohesive and edited fashion in my future eBooklets and book. For now, please enjoy here the raw and unpolished bones that are my skeleton! *Names have been changed to ensure anonymity]

“Uncording” is something that I incorporate into most, if not every, session I perform. Some of my patients are aware of what energetic cording is, and others are not. In short, we share umbilical-like cords with every person we have ever interacted with. Some cords are, obviously, stronger than others. Strong cords are particular to blood relatives, persons we grew up/shared physical space with, close friends and lovers. When two energies are unequal (all humans are created equal, all energies are NOT created equal), one energy must re-calibrate (keep in mind energy flows FROM TOP to bottom) to match the second energy. With this brief but hopefully understandable explanation (much can be read on the internet about corded energies) I lead into a recent patient experience with uncording that I think perfectly illustrates what happens to corded (and subsequently uncorded) energy between two people…

Michele* came to see me for the usual reasons people do…feeling stuck, feeling depressed, feeling as though she was going against her calling, yet not sure what move to make, and so on and so on…

Prior to my session with Michele, I felt a strong pulling and twisting in my gut, as well as a strong and dull ache down my right arm. For me, this indicated an intense struggle with a male energy, and the over attachment of such energy from said male to my patient. When Michele arrived and I began dissecting her immediate personal life, I immediately saw the male energy at hand present itself; though the template for such was set by her father, I saw the current grappling energy in the form of her coworker.  It is always important to know from which direction/individual most of this visceral energy imprint is coming from, so that I know how to best “attack” it. Usually, the physiological symptoms I was having around Michele would indicate a father or father figure, which would tailor our session’s approach to a particular fashion. However, being that the physiological symptoms I absorbed were not representative of a father or father figure (though they so strongly mimicked such, especially being that the origin for this energy to even birth itself was reflective of her father), a very specific combination of cognitive AND energetic approaches and execution were in order.

After tackling the cognitive aspects of this tricky and “hidden” dynamic between my patient and her coworker, I let her know that every move/change she made would be felt by the male energy in discussion. It is always difficult to fully explain to someone unless they have already experienced, in all senses, an energy attachment and subsequent detachment of such. I let her know that what I was seeing was something stronger than the usual corded energy — it looked like a dark, red mass…an entity of it’s own, between two people. I saw a circle with arrows spinning in a clockwise position. For me, this indicated the depth of the cords between these two people, which was only strengthened by precipitating factors with Michele’s own father. I saw that it would be rather difficult to break free of this energy, and that both parties would really feel it once I began the work. The work was necessary, because this entity was not only feeding off of my patient (and her coworker), but was clogging and confusing most parts of her psyche. Strong cords, and especially strong energetic attachments, can cause all kinds of problems!

When we began the physical part of the session, my hand hovered over her solar plexus (abdomen). I saw and felt a thick, molasses-type of energy. It felt dense, temporarily impenetrable and slow. As I worked on her entire auric and physical field, the energy loosened a bit. I felt slightly nauseous, and knew this would be a factor for her. None of my patients, prior to Michele, had thrown up after a powerful session, but they had let me know about intense and detoxifying bowel movements.

When I felt the work was “complete”, I explained to Michele what I saw and how I felt. She was feeling particularly relaxed and clear, and she went home. I reminded her again that her coworker would be directly affected by my session with her, and to be mindful of that on all levels.

The next afternoon, I spoke with Michele over the phone and she let me know that the impact of our session was more tangible than she thought it would be: that evening she threw up. The next morning she threw up again. She called her coworker and her job to let them know that she would be working from home that day. When she spoke with her coworker, he let her know “I don’t know what I ate, I have been throwing up all morning”. She knew immediately that they were sharing the break in energy of this once-strong entity/attachment/cord. What was happening? Each of them was releasing a dense, beast of a blockage that served neither one of them, namely my patient. This might be best understood in psychology as an unhealthy or dangerous “codependent relationship”; and it had manifested itself physically into two people’s — and the lives of those close to them — lives. To feel this experience of cord cutting is one thing…to see it is another thing…and to share it with another person is priceless.

This, folks, is the way energy works. We must never underestimate the presence and power of attachment/cords to others as they appear on all levels — seen and unseen. We must ask ourselves what is serving us and what is not…and think about some necessary uncording to live the most “free” and positive lives possible.


Patient: “Lana”, Session 1 – one of Healing Elaine®’s first “Many Lives Many Masters”-esque patient experiences

The name Lana is a pseudonym, ensuring patient confidentiality. The following experience is written from my vantage point, that of the medical intuitive/healer (aka Spiritual Crime Solver!). Typically, patients come to me with one or several reasons as to why they need my help. Upon examining them, many things happen…and they often walk out with answers they didn’t realize they were looking for in the first place.

I met Lana in my Columbus Circle office in 2013. Like a number of other folks, she had come across my website and became generally interested, hoping to address her life’s purpose and issues with procrastination as well as general disinterest in her then corporate career. She didn’t have the usual pressing crisis, such as an impossible interpersonal relationship or undying stress. Lana felt a general malaise. In addition, Lana was what I call a “non-believer” — someone who is quite quantitative and linear in thought, operating from what I call the “programmed” world. She was acutely intelligent, multifaceted/talented, multilingual, healthy, zesty and mid-thirties.

As we sat down and began talking, I followed my “standard” protocol, which consists of both internal and external physiological self-inventory; this type of self-inventory is what describes the patient’s actual disposition, whether they are consciously or only subconsciously aware of it. I felt an initial cloudiness in my own thoughts (reflecting a current state of Lana’s) as well as a subsequent difficulty articulating some of the more “other-worldly” and metaphysical concepts by which I both approach and “tune into” another person’s life. It was at this point that I would attempt to articulate the disposition I had that entire day — from the time I woke up — in preparation and awareness of Lana’s session.

I neglected to physically record much of my aforereferenced disposition on that day, so some of it will be missing from this session share. However I remember waking up the morning of this session and feeling as though I had to somehow brilliantly bridge an ivy league, scientific, cognitive mind with an ethereal, yogic, shamanic metaphysical mind. Not an uncommon experience for me, it felt like two different worlds (as well as sides of the brain) were expected to collide for me in order to demonstrate a rational, evidential explanation and solution for my patient that would not only expand her consciousness, but address underlying dormant issues as well as create tangible solutions. That feeling only increased as we sat down together during “intake”. The intake aspect of my sessions can last anywhere from 2-3.5 hours, and it consists of turning over every stone in that person’s life and looking at it from the combined and well-integrated following types of angles: clairsensient/clairvoyant/clairaudient (as those “unseen” angles are where my first point of awareness draws from), logical/intellectual/cognitive, emotional, physical and spiritual.

When a person like myself — who is versed in and immersed in the metaphysical and energetic fields — sits down for the first time with someone who has never heard the terms or notions of the metaphysical, energetic or even holistic fields, it can be overwhelming for the person (in this case, the patient). As I asked Lana questions such as the names of her immediate family members, friends and past significant others, I was as usual downloaded with the feeling as if I knew them and they were right in the room beside us. I recall asking more questions than giving information, so as not to put her off given that this was her first experience. We talked for miles about her general dissatisfaction in this life as it related to her career, soul’s purpose and hypothetical but not-as-important romantic livelihood. I could see immediately that she was like so many others I had met — she fit in with her colleagues at work and her friends, but yet she was different. Exactly how different I had yet to explain or show her, but her purpose was different. Her purpose was unconventional, at least in comparison to the linear life she had carved out for herself. When I begin to explain to someone for the first time of what I see that lies beneath, in their soul, I prepare for resistance or fear; resistance and fear are normal reactions, but in my practice with the patients I choose to work with they are minimal in degree. I saw immediately that she was a wise, wise soul that had been living dormant within a human body. I explained that to her in so many words, and she did not reject this notion. I might add that she was/is not gullible, naive or weak in any sense of those words; in fact, she is quite the opposite. I did, though, feel as well that given her high-intellect and capability for reasoning (given her own learned and programmed basis for such) it would take something close to miraculous to convince her of her unconventional and, for lack of a better word coming to mind right now, honorable imminent post in this lifetime of hers. It would be this post-taking, I knew, that would change her life; if I could just Open Her Eyes…

After we spoke for miles as I do with all of my patients, she laid down for our energy work. I approach each patient differently, mostly through unexplainable guidance/intuition and experience. As I began “working” on her, my hand was immediately drawn from the chakra point of her third eye to her actual eyes. When someone is on the verge of opening their third eye and spirit wants me to help them along, I feel it strongly and know it strongly. As I worked on her third eye, my hand could not stay in place for more than a second before being pulled over her actual eyes. It was in this location that I felt lightning bolts of energy shooting through the middle of my hand. This normally happens to me during a session in a myriad of ways, but this type of pull was different — and it was accompanied by a passing voice (not an audible/hallucinatory voice, but a voice in one’s own head that passes as a mere thought or idea). This voice became louder as it said “Make Her See… Open Her Eyes…”. At this point in my practice, I might have normally written this off as an overactive mind on my part…but the forceful pull of her actual eyes to my hand and the recurring voice activated a profound curiosity in me. Simultaneously, I began to see an old, wise man…a sage, a shaman, a person of knowledge. I blinked several times to recognize her actual face from this lifetime, as it seemed to vacillate back and forth between Lana’s face and an image of a seer from another time. I completed the energy work on the rest of her physical body and let her “wake up” when I was done. She had not gone “under” into another realm, nor was that my intention, but going under is quite a common theme that my patients experience – even first-timers.

As Lana came-to, we discussed other important and solution-relevant aspects of the energy work that would fuel her tangible steps in addressing what plagued her (as discovered during intake). She seemed intrigued by the energy work in general, as she experienced the relaxing and detoxifying symptoms that are associated with my work. Given her very limited background on absolutely everything I have written here, I was initially hesitant to tell her about the loud physical and ethereal experience I had with her eyes. At the last moment, I told her “this may not make sense, but I can not stop thinking about this…and it may make sense to you long down the road, but I have to say this…” and then I told her about what I had felt during our 1.5 hours of energy work. She became pensive for a bit and then paused, telling me “well…this is going to sound strange…” (nothing at Reiki Therapy by Elaine sounds strange!) “but for the first time ever, I went to a psychic early this year…and she told me that I had been a wise, old, blind seer in my past life”. I was stunned. As I looked at her, we both recognized the significance of this experience, initially me more so than her. As I attempt here to re-state the experiences of that day in writing, there is no justice done to credit the loud and raw nature of the message that spirit was sending to me/us.

I am not certain what part of our session drew her back in to see me at least half a dozen more times, but I have to believe it was the mutual experience related to her eyes. I know that had that not happened, I may have never seen her again. Since that day, while working together numerous times now, she has pursued multiple paths toward higher learning in the energy medicine, shamanistic, holistic chiropractic, holistic healing and metaphysical worlds. Not-so-ironically, she is obtaining a high-level psychotherapeutic degree while pursuing the polar opposite of “mainstream” cognitive development and healing. I continue to see her a year and a half later, and she looks like the weight of the world has left her shoulders…her subconscious mind and soul have spoken and been heard. The world is about to birth a “new” true leader and bridge between current old-world medicine and psychotherapy, and modern cutting-edge intuitive energetic therapy.

Brian Weiss’ book “Many Lives Many Masters” suddenly makes all of the sense in the world to me – in first-person experience. This would not be my last experience, or even the most profound, with a seasoned soul, gregariously poking through it’s current human vessel.